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Who is the author of "Call of the Wild"?
Jack London
What is the name of the main protagonist?
Where was Buck taken after he was "kidnapped"?
Alaska and the Yukon Territory
Buck was kidnapped...
so Manuel could pay of his depts to to gambling.
What is the name of Buck's main antagonist?
The lesson that Buck learned from the man in the red sweater
Men were the hold dominion over Buck
Two men that delivered mail for the Canadian government
Francois and Perrault
What did Buck learn when he saw Curly fall in a fight
He learned that he was never to fall down in a fight or else he would get killed.
Did Buck kill Spitz
The job that Buck wanted after Spitz's death
Leader of the sled dogs
Why did Buck want to become Leader of the sled dogs
He wanted to become leader because he felt he had earned it after defeating Spitz.
What was the name of the man who saved Buck from Hal, Charles, and Mercedes?
John Thorton
One word that describes Buck's feelings for John Thorton.
True or False: Buck was furious when John Thorton's camp was attacked.
Who killed John Thorton?
The Yeehats
Why doesn't Alfonso streak his hair?
His father and mother wouldn't like it.
Why can't Alfonso get braces?
His family can't afford to get him them.
Why is Ernie, Alfonso's brother, upset?
Some girls didn't meet him after they said they would.
Alfonso met Sandra when...
he helped her brother untangle his pants from a fence
Alfonso is attracted to Sandra because
she is cute and easy to talk to.
Why do Alfonso and Ernie fight?
They fight because Ernie says Sandra is one of the girls who stood him up and Alfonso says he isn't.
Why does Alfonso avoid Sandra at achool?
He is woried that he won't be able to take her for a bike ride.
Why does the chain on Alfonso's bike break?
It breaks when Alfonso impulsively takes the chain off his bike.
Ernie helps Alfonso solve his problem by...
lending Alfonso his bike after he had finished using it.
How does Alfonso feel at the end of the story?
Happy about his date with Sandra and his relationship with Ernie.
What is the subplot of the story?
The relationship between Ernie and Alfonso.
How does Alfonso resolve one of his internal conflicts?
He overcomes his worries and asks Sandra for a date.
The climax of the story occurs when...
Alfonso takes Sandra for a bike ride.
came out
grumpy and resentful
got back
Tell-Tale Heart
Edgar Allan Poe
The narrator says...
he is not insane
When the narrator enters the old mans room on the eighth night...
the old man wakes up
What bothers the narrator about the old man?
The old man's eye.
Why do the police come to the house?
A neighbor reported hearing a shriek.
How do the police respond to the narrator?
They continue to chat calmly while he foams and raves.
The narrator confesses to the police because he...
believes they must hear the heartbeat through the floor.
One of the strongest evidences that the narrator is insane is...
the sight of the pale blue eye drives him to murder the old man.
The narrator is an unrealiable narrator because...
the narrator hears sounds that exist only in his mind.
The narrator believes that...
the old man's heart is beating under the floorboards.
The heartbeat symbolizes
the narrator's own guilt.
held back