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111 - Operations Security (OPSEC)

EIDWS Common Core

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Define: OPSEC
Protects SBU information about a mission or operation
OPSEC 5 step planning process
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1) Identify critical information
2) Threat Assessment
3) Vulnerability
4) Risk Assessment
5) Measures / countermeasures
Responsibilities of command OPSEC officer
LT Brown
1) Ensure OPSEC is practiced
2) Ensure information is protected
3) No notice inspections
OPSEC considerations regarding public affairs
PAO and OPSEC officer should coordinate the release of data related to the mission
Define: Web Risk Assessment (WRA)
Annual assessment of all Navy websites to ensure IA compliance
Define: EEFI
Essential Elements of Friendly Information:
Key QUESTIONS likely to be asked by the adversary about friendly intentions, capabilities, and intentions
Define: Critical Information
Specific FACTS about friendly intentions, capabilities, and intentions
Components/functions of command OPSEC program
OPSEC officer: appointed by CO, runs the program
OPSEC team: ensures command/families maintain OPSEC awareness