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uses columns and rows to organize information

Circle Graph

uses circle to show parts of whole (%)

Bar Graph

shows data in different categories using bars

Line Graph

plots and connects data points on a graph, shows a trend


reasonable decision based on observation


guesses about what will happen next based on observation and your own experiences


possible misrepresentation of information based on point of view or purpose


explanation based on many observations and data

Independent Variable

variable that is changed during the experiment, X- axis

Dependent Variable

variable that responds to independent variable, Y -axis

Safety Goggles

protects eyes from splashes

Safety Apron

protects clothes from splashes

Safety Gloves

protects hands from heat and chemicals

Graduated Cylinder

measures in volume (L)

Meter Stick

measures in meters (M, cm)

Spring Scale

measures force (N)


measures temperature (degrees C)


measures mass (g)


cosistency of values (repeats same, again and again)


close to the "true value"

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