The effects of computers and video games

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Negative effects of facebook use
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Charles (2011) investigated the fb habits of 200 undergrad students and found that 12% felt anxiety directly related to their use of fb, the majority of these had significantly more friends than the others, they reported stress from deleting unwanted contacts, a constant pressure to funny and entertaining
Of those surveyed, 32% said that rejecting friend requests made them feel guilty and uncomfortable - 10% said they disliked receiving friend requests
Anderson et al (2007) surveyed 430 children, aged 7-9 at 2 points on the school year - those who had a hog exposure to violent video games became more verbally and pensively aggressive and less prosocial
Several meta-analyses have found a consistent link between violent games and aggression and appears to hold for adults and children
One study found that ppts playing a violent game blasted opponents with white noise and rated higher on the hostility scale compared to those playing a puzzle game
Those who played lemmings subsequently displayed more prosocial behaviour than aggressive or neutral - after playing for 8 mins, ppts saw researcher accidentally knock pencils onto the floor, prosocial = 67% helped, neutral = 33%, violent = 28%
Found that those who listed sims as their fave game said they had learned about social issues and explored them in the game, also found that those who regularly took part in social interaction related to the game were more committed civically and politically