Types of fashion shows

Couture Shows
the source of fashion leadership and innovation supporting the trickle-down theory of fashion. highly detailed and sophisticated items are presented first at higher prices to a limited audience and later are adopted at lower prices, with less sophistication and detail by a larger audience. they serve as inspiration for designers
Ready-to-wear Shows
the mass-produced fashion. fashion week is designated as a time when many designer collections are brought together and shown as a series of fashion shows. these fashions shown on the runway are actually brought into stores.
Trade Shows
groups of temporary exhibits of vendor's offerings for a single merchandise category or group of related categories. they are produced to sell raw materials to manufacturers, or manufactured goods to retailers
Trade Association Shows
groups of individuals and businesses acting as a professional, non-profit collective in meeting their common interests. membership in trade associations provides a means for information exchange and political action to benefit the public opinion and legislative concerns.
Press Shows
Held specifically for members of the media prior to presenting the fashion story to the public, or consumers. the media consists of magazines, newspapers, radio, television, internet services, and wire services.
Fashion Trend Shows
Produced to introduce consumers to the latest trends in silhouettes, fabrics, colors, and themes for new seasonal merchandise. they are shown to consumers at the beginning of the season and each show segment features a major trend.
In-Store Training Shows
Used as the training tool for store associates. these shows may be live or videotaped and may use store employees as models. enables employees to see the trends and adapt the look to all departments from apparel to accessories and to all price points from designer to budget.