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  1. producir
  2. admitir los errores
  3. merecer la presidencia
  4. votar por...para presidente
  5. buscar soluciones a los problemas
  1. a vote for...for president
  2. b to look for solutions to problems
  3. c to produce
  4. d to deserve the presidency
  5. e to admit to mistakes

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  1. pride
  2. to carry out
  3. to know how to negociate
  4. to elect responsible people
  5. to pay taxes

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  1. el consejo de ministroscabinet


  2. dirigir su propia campañato manage your own campaign


  3. encontrar solucionesto find solutions


  4. la poblaciónpopulation


  5. la campaña de difamaciónsmear campaign