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Marketing Final

By defining its business as "printing books" instead of "empowering imaginations" a children's book publishing company would more then likely experience :
Marketing Myopia
which marketing management philosophy is often adopted by organizations that sell unsought products such as life insurance, retirement plans, and pre-planned funeral services?
Sales Orientation
people who believe that ethical truths depend on the individuals or groups holding them are referred to as:
moral relativists
at the lands end website a customer can chat online with customer service representatives while shopping. this live help allows customers to have questions answered before placing an order. this focus on meeting customer needs illustrate a ____orientation
SAP, the worlds largest business software company, has pledged to put the "customer at the center" if their universe. SAP has captured the idea of:
The marketing concept
Which if the following is NOT a type if competitive advantage?
Management structure
____is measured by comparing the relative cost of a standard goods and services in different geographic areas
Purchasing Power
Which level of ethical development moves from a egocentric viewpoint toward the expectations of society?
Conventional Morality
_____is defined as the collection of interpretation of information about forces, events and relationships that may affect the organization
Environmental Scanning
____is a strategy of increasing market share for present products in existing markets.
Market Penetration
____is the concern of business for the long-range welfare of both the company and its relationships to the society within which it operates
Corporate social responsibility
According to ____, the choice that yields the greatest benefit to the most people is the choice that is ethically correct.
Indonesian logging comapnies harvest the rain forests for timer and assume that a market exists for their products. The typical logging company has a ____orientation
In contrast to marketing research problems, management decision problems are:
Action Oriented
Moder Maturity magazine is targeted toward adults age 50 and older. It has articles on health and firness as well as the arts and finance What segmenting base is this magazine using?
Inner tension that a consumer experiences after recognizing an inconsistency between behavior and values or opinions is referred to as
Cognitive Dissonance
____is a company-wide business strategy designed to optimize profitability, revenue, and customer satisfaction by focusing on high defined and precise customer segments
Customer Relationship Management
Homogeneous groups within a culture that share elements of the overall culture that share elements of the overall culture as well as have elements that are unique to that group are called:
When the sara lee bakery group introduced iron kids crustless bread )to save mothers the time and effort of slicing the crusts off sandwiches), it was using
Product Differentiation
customer -centric is an internal management philosophy similar to:
the marketing concept
Ranked from lowest to highest level, Maslow's hierarchy of needs model includes:
Physiological, safety, social, esteem, and self-actualization
to be useful, a segmentation scheme must produce segments that meet four basic criteria. The criteria are
Sustainability, identifiable and measurably, accessibility, and responsiveness
A shortage of blood for transfusions for injured animals has resulted in the introduction of a synthesized product called oxyglobin. The manager put a high price on this product in order to recoup its research and development costs. The manufacture is using a ____policy
price skimming
orange juice slope
price decreases
Which of the following would imply demand would be elastic
many substitute products
Toe nail medication
____occurs when an existing product is targeted toward new market segments. it is another type of new-product development because the product is new to that segment
A____name is a name, term, symbol, design, or combination that identifies a seller's products and differentiates them from competitors products
Fixed cost contribution equals
price minus the average variable cost
The____adopt a product because most of their friends have already done so
late majorority
The level of relationship marketing that is least likely to be effective in the long term because its advantages is easily imitated by other firms is based on
pricing incentive's
The process by which the adoption of 3-D HD TV's spreads is an example of
During the ____stage of the new product development process, production starts, inventories are built up, the product is shipped to distribution points, and advertising begin
Jim, notebook computer, year after
Early adopter
Most demand curve slope:
Downward and to the right
___cost is the change in total cost associated with one-unit change in output
100% over cost
key stoning
Which of the following provides the technological link connecting all of the logistics components of the supply chain?
Logistics information system
Box tops
cause related marketing
Provides time utility to buyers and sellers and aids manufacturers in managing supply and demand
Relationship selling
Win win outcome
The use of aggressive personal selling and trade advertising by a manufacturer to convince a wholesaler or retailer to carry and sell its merchandise is known as a ___Strategy
Advertising that is designed to enhance a company's image rather than promote a particular product
Involves of determining which sales prospects have a recognized need, buying power, and receptivity accessibility
lead qualification
All of the following activity groups are related closely to internal operations integration's success EXCEPT
Activity based costing
The three basic functions channel intermediaries perform are:
transactional logistical and facilitating
plastic council
A ____discrepancy is created when a product is produced but a consumer is not ready to purchase it
chips ahoy cookies
discrepancy of quantity
When an intermediary in the channel of distribution owns the merchandise and controls the terms of the sale, this is referred to as:
taking title
Bell buckle and walmart
Role Specificity