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English Test

Types of Drama
1) Tragedy
2) Melodrama
3) Satire
Elements in Drama
1) Temporal
2) Mimetic
3) Interpretive
4) Synthesis
Facts that affect dramatic composition
1) Author's purpose
2) Author's attitude toward his subject
3) Author's treat of material
Revelations of character
1) What he says about himself
2) What others say about him
3) What he does
Requirements for a good drama
1) Story
2) Performance
3) Audience
Dramatic structure
1) Exposition
2) Problem
3) Rising Action
4) Complication
5) Climax
6) Denouement
Son of the dead King Hamlet?
Hamlet's uncle?
Queen of Denmark?
Elderly Lord Chamberlain?
Loyal friend of Hamlet?
Polonius' son?
Daughter of Polonius?
One-time schoolfellows and friends of Hamlet?
Rosencratz and Guildenstern
Prince of Norway?
Affected courtier who is the King's messen?
Danish courtiers?
Votimand and Cornelius
Danish officers?
Marcellus and Barnado
Danish soldier?
The man who Polonius instructs and sends to Paris to see and report on Laertes' conduct?
Two clowns who dig Ophelia's grave?
Explain "incestuous union"
The Queen married Claudius, which is the king's brother, after Claudius killed Hamlet. It wasn't actually incest, but Hamlet couldn't comprehend the fact that Gertrude loved him.
Prime concerns of the ghost?
1) Get Revenge
2) To not hurt Gertrude
Did Hamlet love Ophelia?
Yes, he said he did at her grave site.
Give the effects of each of the following on Hamlet's procrastination:
Claudius) Hamlet couldn't kill Claudius while he was praying cause he would go to heaven
Ghost) He didn't want to kill the ghost because he didn't know if it really was a ghost or the devil.
Own Personality) He is extremely indecisive and over thinks just about everything (emotional)(sensitive)
What justification is their for Rosencratz and Guildenstern to be described as half-men?
They make 1 man and they have the same emotions and think the same things (limited).
Hamlet's character flaws?
Procrastination, over thinks things, and indecisiveness.
What are Rosencrantz and Guildensterns purpose in the play?
To find out what's wrong with Hamlet.
How does the play treat the theme of suicide?
It contemplates the morality of it and also the religiousness.
Does Claudius love Gertrude?
No, he only married her for the crown.
What is Gertrude's guilt, if any?
If she didn't marry Claudius, then nothing wouldn't of happened.
Does Hamlet love Ophelia? Did he ever stop loving her?
Yes, he truly loves her. No, he never stops loving her.
What is rotten in Denmark?
When Claudius had killed Hamlet, it was considered "rotten".
What does the Captain tell King Duncan about Macbeth's battlefield deeds?
He tells of his bravery and leadership while in battle.
What does the king learn from Ross about the Thane of Cawdor's activities?
The king learns that he is a disloyal traitor, he began a dismal conflict and was defeated in battle.
What reward for victory does Macbeth recieve almost immediately from the king?
He became Thane of Cawdor.
What do the three witches predict a.for Macbeth? b.for Banqou?
a. He became Thane of Glamis then became Thane of Cawdor and later king after Duncan. b.He will be the father of kings, but will never be king himself.
What happens to the Thane of Cawdor?
He was beheaded because of his traitorous deeds.
Why, despite the witches predictions, does Macbeth have reason to doubt he will succeed Duncan as King?
He named his son Malcom heir to the throne when he became Thane of Cawdor.
How does Lady Macbeth first learn of the witches predictions regarding Macbeth?
He writes her a letter.
What in Macbeth's personality does she fear may thwart his ambition.
He is ignorant of his greatness and he is a coward and filled with kindness.
What action does Lady Macbeth plan to take during the Kings visit?
She plans to kill him.
How does Lady Macbeth intend to accomplish to kill the King?
She is going to distract the guards by getting them drunk and while the king is asleep Macbeth will kill him and they will blame it on the guards.
How does Lady advise Macbeth to act in King Duncan's presence?
He should act normally and hide his intents.
Both the witches and Macbeth make statements about "foul" and "fair" What are two possible meanings for the witches words?
Good and evil.
Both the witches and Macbeth make statements about "foul" and "fair". What does Macbeth mean by this remark?
Macbeth was a hero in war but wasn't at home.
Macbeth and Banqou respond differently to the witches predictions a.After becoming Thane of Cawdor, how does Macbeth react to thought of becoming king?
He believes that he will become king
Macbeth and Banqou respond differently to the witches predictions. How does Banqou view the witches predictions?
He doesn't believe them at first he thinks they are decieving him.
In scene VI, what is the irony in the discription of the air surrounding Macbeth's castle?
There is a pleasant atmosphere, but there is a murder, so there is deception in the air.
Why is Macbeth indecisive about killing the King?
He doesn't want kill his houseguest.
How does Lady Macbeth understanding of her husband's character help her to convince him that the murder plot should be carried out?
She questions his manhood.
Who do you think bears the greater responsibility for the murder of King Duncan-Macbeth or Lady Macbeth? Explain.
Lady Macbeth because she talked Macbeth into the murder.
Why, according to Lady Macbeth, did she not kill the king herself?
He reminds her of her father.
What does Macbeth do with the daggers after the murder?
He takes them back to Lady Macbeth.
When Macbeth takes the daggers back to Lady, why is she bothered by his actions?
She is afraid it will spoil their plans.
What does Lady do with the daggers, when Macbeth gives them to her?
She takes the daggers,gives them to the guards, and tells Macbeth to act like nothing is going on.
What does the drunken porter imagine he is doing in response to the knocking at the door?
Opening the gate to hell and talking to Beelzebub.
What does Macbeth wish the knocking could do?
He wishes it would awake Duncan.
Who is doing the knocking? Why?
Macduff and Lennox because they have something to tell the King.
Who first learns that a murder has taken place?
What action does Macbeth take againest the grooms?
He kills them.
Why did Malcom and Donalbain leave Macbeth's castle?
They are scared for their lives.
Who does Macduff say has killed King Duncan? Why did Malcom and Donalbain fall under suspicion, according to Macduff?
Malcom and Donalbain- because they fled
What does Macbeth mean by saying he has "murdered sleep"?
He can't sleep because he murdered Duncan.
What is ironic about Lady Macbeth's remark "A little water clears us of this deed"?
She means that physically blood washes off, but it mentally stays forever.
Why do you think critics consider the porter's speech to be comic relief?
It goes from horror to comic.
How do the Porter's comments on the people arriving at "hell gate" near Macbeth's dilemma?
They thought they could get away with it but they pay.
What do you think causes Lady Macbeth to faint?
She faints because she is trying to sway attention of the murder from them.
Why does Ross have doubts about accepting the grooms as the murders?
They have nothing to gain.
Why is Macduff concerned that "our old robes" may fit "easier than our new"?
If they they shall be killed too.
In his soliloquy in Scene I, Macbeth speaks of "vaulting ambition" a.how can vaulting ambition bring with it great success?
It is something your actually going to do
In his soliloquy in Scene I, Macbeth speaks of "vaulting ambition". How bring with it destruction?
Your taking a risk so there could be failure.
In Scene I, what are Banqou's thoughts about the witch's prophecies?
At first he thinks they are crazy but then they start coming true.
b.What are Macbeth's thoughts about the witches prophecies?
He didn't believe it until it started happening.
What two people are the murderers told to kill?
Banqou and Fleance
Why is necessary to kill both Banqou and Fleance?
So he can be king.
What goes wrong with the murderers plans?
Fleance escapes
Why does Macbeth want to see the witches again?
To find out what would happen next.
What does Lady Macbeth think Macbeth needs most?
what reason does Lennox give for Macduff's being in disgrace?
He didn't attend the banquet
What is Macduff trying to accomplish in England?
get together an army
Macbeth's soliloquy in scene I shows that his attitude toward those who stand in his way has changed. Recall the soliloquy prior to Duncan's murder. What change or changes have occurred?
He was brave at first now he resorts to killing to get what he wants. Moral decline.
How does Macbeth's technique of persuading the murderer's resemble Lady Macbeth's earlier method of persuading Macbeth?
She talked him into killing Duncan and now he talks his servants into killing.
How has the relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth changed?
He is now withdrawn from her.
Events at the banquet show that Macbeth can no longer pretend to be innocent. What evidence is there that he will continue to kill those who threaten him?
He says there is no turning back because he is in so deep.
What does the first apparition tell Macbeth?
Beware of Macduff, beware of the Thane of Fine!
How does the prophecy of the second apparition seem to contradict that of the first.
None of woman born shall harm Macbeth.
What does the third apparition promise?
Macbeth shall never vanquished be until great Birnnam wood to high Dunsinane hill shall come against him.
What question do the witches refuse to answer?
He wants to know if Banqou's descendants will rule Scotland.
What vision to they parade before Macbeth?
A show of eight kings and Banqou last king with a glass mirror in his hand.
In his conversation with Macduff, why does Malcom pretend to have all of Macbeth's vices and more?
Malcom is testing Macduff's loyalty to Scotland.
What convinces Malcom that Macduff is trustworthy?
If your lustful and greedy I can't support you to become king.
What good news about "gracious England" does Ross bring Malcom?
The king was gonna give Malcom 10,000 soilders to attack Macbeth.
What bad news does Ross bring Macduff?
His family had been killed.
Why does Macbeth readily accept the predictions made by the second and third apparitions?
He thinks Macduff is born of woman and trees can't walk.
In the witches procession of kings, why do some kings carry double and triple sceptors?
nd united in 1603.
Why does Banqou carry a mirror?
It is a reflection of Banqou's sons becoming king.
What is Macbeth's reason for killing Macduff's wife and child?
He is told to beware of Macduff and he feels he needs to act quickly against the enemy.
How do these murder's of Macduff's family differ from the previous ones?
There is no sensible reason for the murders but there is for the others.
How would you describe Macbeth's character at this point in the play?
He is killing everyone to get what he wants; he is selfish.
How is Malcom's character reveled from the dialogue with Macduff in Scene III?
Although Malcom seems to be greedy and lustful when he hears about Macduff's family he shows strength and courage.
Based on Macduff's reaction to the murder of his wife and son, how would you describe Macduff's character?
Admirable because he has great sorrow over the loss of his family but he handles it nobly under the crushing reality.
While Lady Macbeth is sleepwalking, to what three prior events does she refer?
The murders of Duncan, Banqou, and Macduff's family.
To which event does Lady keep coming back while sleepwalking?
Duncan's murder
What news does Seyton bring Macbeth in scene V?
The news that the Queen is dead.
What in the Messenger's report makes Macbeth fear that the apparitions second prophesy is coming true?
It looks like the trees are starting to move.
In scene VIII why does Macbeth tell Macduff that he does not wish to fight him?
He has to much of his blood on him already.
What does Macduff tell Macbeth concerning the apparitions third prophesy?
He was taken from his mother's womb at her death.
Whom does Macbeth kill in the encounter with the english forces?
The Young Siward
Whom does Macduff kill?
At the end of the play, who is to be crowned king of Scotland?
Why do you think it is an "accustomed action" for Lady Macbeth to wash her hands while sleepwalking?
To wash the blood from her hands.
Why does Macbeth remain confident of surviving the battle with Malcom's army despite his own troops desertion?
Because he was told he couldn't be killed of anyone born of woman.
Judging by the way Macbeth behaves in scene III, describe his state of mind.
fear is coming to him and he is struggling with his emotions.
What changes in his personality is Macbeth describing in scene V, lines 9-14?
He has forgotten the taste of fear and he has no more emotions.
Why does Macbeth say, "She should have died hereafter," upon learning of the death of Lady Macbeth?
She would have died anyway
Macbeth, mad and murderous though he is, shows admirable traits to the very end. What are some of his better traits?
Even when he found out Macduff could kill him, he didn't back down or give up.