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the rebuilding of the Union after the Civil War until 1877

Lincoln's Reconstruction Plan

wanted southern states to rejoin the Union quickly, so his plans were lenient and included amnesty toward Southernors

"With malice toward none, with charity for all"

Abraham Lincoln

When was Abraham Lincoln assassinated?

April 14, 1865

Who assassinated Lincoln?

John Wilkes Booth

John Wilkes Booth

a VERY popular actor, and confederate sympathizer who assassinated lincoln

What play did Lincoln go see the night he was shot?

My American Cousin, which was a comedy

What did Booth yell after shooting Lincoln?

sic semper tyrannis

What amendment did Johnson support?

the 13th Amendment

13th Amendment

abolishes slavery

What was Johnson reluctant to support?

Black suffrage (voting rights)

Johnson's Reconstruction Plan

Gives all the land back to the Confederates and gets rid of "40 acres and a mule," also he does little attempt at addressing economic hardships facing freedmen

What does the Radical Republican Congress want?

extreme reconstruction, punish the Southerners by making them pay for the war "they" caused while at the same time helping A.A.s

"Congress alone can do it...Congress must create states and declare whether they are to be repeated"

Thaddeus Stevens

Freedmen Bureau

helps former slaves adjust to their new life of freedom

14th Amendment

if you are born in the US, you are a citizen of the US & are entitled to due process of law

15th Amendment

outlaws the denial of voting rights due to race

What happens to Johnson while in office?

He is impeached

Who follows Johnson?

Ulysses S. Grant

Who is pulled out from the south by Rutherford B Hayes?

federal troops

What officially ends in 1877 and what does it fail to do?

Reconstruction officially ends failing to secure equality for African Americans

Plessy vs. Ferguson

a A.A. sat on a whites only car and was sent to jail, this case went all the way up to the Supreme court which ruled segregation legal; "separate but equal"


former slave, freed from bondage


someone who came south to help freedman and also gain wealth

Hiram Revels

1st African American in Congress

Ku Klux Klan

white supremacist group, committed murder & other forms of violence to limit A.A. independence

Black Codes

southern laws that restricted A.A. freedom

John Crow Laws

passed by Southern state & local governments to separate blacks and whites


planters have small plots of land to work in return for share of the crop

tenant farming

laborers rented land


to put to death by mob action


a native white southerner who collaborated with the occupying forces during the reconstruction often for personal gain.

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