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Those with a high-technology perspective assert that ...

there is money to be made cleaning the environment.

Advocates of the high-technology perspective believe which of the following?

Human creativity can solve any problem

The case of the Sami reindeer herders showed that snowmobiles proved a problem because they

are expensive and hard to repair, pollute a fragile environment, disrupted the breeding cycle of reindeer, increased inequality in the community
all of the above

Which of the following is least likely to be advocated by those with a shared-technology perspective?

Local problems should be dealt with locally

Those with appropriate-technology perspective

see neocolonialism as an issue in understanding environmental issues

Infectious diseases that are rarely seen, or rarely fatal, in the industrialized world but deadly in the developing world include

cholera, malaria, and tuberculosis

The most deadly contemporary pandemic has been


The highest rate of AIDs deaths is currently found in

Sub-Saharan Africa

Which of the following reasons accounts for the rapid and broad reaction to the discovery of swine flu in Mexico in 2009?

Memory of the destruction of the 1918 pandemic, International plans put in place because of the concern over Avian flu,The World Health Organization's immediate notification of world governments, The rapid spread of information over the Internet
All of the above

Those with the appropriate-technology perspective reject the use of vaccines because

they do not reject the use of vaccines

Economic interdependence has increased as a result of the following

transportation costs have come down, reducing the effects of distance
the costs of communication have decreased
the increasing role of free markets and trade
changed attitudes regarding the role of states and governments
all of the above

Which of the following is the oldest form of globalization?

environmental globalization

According to your authors, regarding international relations, interdependence means

actors and events in different parts of a system affecting each other

Some liberal thinkers mistakenly believe that globalization and increasing interdependence will lead to the following:

cooperation will replace competition

The speed at which the 2008 financial and economic crisis spread across the world was an example of

sensitivity interdependence

Perfect symmetric interdependence among states is

very rare

It is often argued that the rules of the international economy reflect the policies of the dominant states at the time. Which states led the world economy in the nineteenth and twentieth century?

Britain and the United States

Which international financial institutions are also known as the Bretton Woods institutions?

The World Bank and the IMF

What is/are the primary objective/s of the IMF?

promoting international monetary cooperation
facilitating the growth of international trade
promoting exchange stability
assisting members states that are in balance-of-payment difficulties
all of the above

What characterizes the concept of complex interdependence?

Welfare is a dominant goal
Transnational actors are important actors
(B and C)

International anarchy means that governments

insist on their sovereign right to make their own decisions

States that can extend their power out of their region to another part of the world are referred to as

great powers

Which war was an example of collective security?

The Korean War

Both terrorism and guerrilla war pose problems for conventional military forces because their combatants

hide among the population and use hit-and-run tactics

Politics may be considered as

the opposite of using force

The European Union

has expanded its membership in the twenty-first century
allows individuals to sue states other than their own
offers a model for making war untenable among members
can pressure members to change their policies
all of the above

" Just War "

attempts to limit state violence while at war

When making foreign policy decisions, state leaders take into account their state's interest because

they are distinct from those of any other state

Which statement best summarizes today's international system?

Sovereignty and strengthened international institutions uneasily coexist

The Iraq and Afghanistan wars best reflect the

capability of the United States to initiate military action

The core ideas of both the state-sovereignty and ethnic-autonomy perspectives include

achieving peace as the ultimate goal


the concept ofDuring the Cold War, the superpowers adopted a policy called mutually assured destruction (MAD).

Theoretically, functional independence should lead to more orderly and peaceful state interactions because

economic integration will require increasing social and political cooperation

Building an effective one world order assumes

the institutions that will make and enforce international law will be pluralist

The Dayton Accord

imposed a temporary and uneasy peace

When patriotism (state nationalism) and ethnic nationalism clash, it could

erode state power
lead to a failed state
produce violence
attract outside intervention
all of the above

ethnic autonomy

Decentralization of government authority comprises one of the central components of which perspective

Those with a world order perspective would consider it at least a small compensation for all the suffering that the Bosnia War produced

a war crimes tribunal to try those indicted for crimes against humanity

Globalization means that maintaining a balance of power requires

The effects of globalization remain unclear

The Bosnia War provides a case study of how

peace strategies from all three perspectives can work together

Experts and observers discussed the possibility of a "new world order" after which world event?

The end of the Cold War

While fragmented units and state systems have existed for millennia, the territorial state developed only after

the Renaissance

Globalization is changing people's identities across the world. It is true to say that in much of the world,

global political identity remains weak

One can categorize governance activities according to three levels and three sectors (private, public, and third sector). Which are the relevant three levels here?

Subnational, national, and supranational

The spread of WMD, especially of nuclear weapons, is a consequence of the following:

an effect of technology on the diffusion of power

Neorealist such as Ken Waltz developed a rational model of deterrence among coherent unitary actors, that is, states. What does this model predict with regard to proliferation of nuclear weapons?

The spread of nuclear weapons will produce stability

What are transnational threats to security?

Cross-border terrorism
Cyber warfare
Climate change
All of the above

When analysts make predictions about the possible configurations of power in the international system, two of the most discussed alternatives are

multipolarity and "three economic blocs"

The current distribution of power among states, if described as a three-dimensional chess game, can be characterized as being one of

multilevel interdependence

If Thucydides were to look at international politics today, in which regions would he recognize many aspects of his world from more than 2000 years ago?

Africa, East Asia, and the Middle East

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