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Anthropology final 2


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rites of passage
marks transition from one identity to another
they are in between two stages
bon religion
interconnection between men and nature
is a religious person that can speak to spirits
part of the landscape is bound into their religion because they were thought to have spirits in them.
reconciliation or fusion of differing systems of belief, as in philosophy or religion, especially when success is partial or the result is hetergenous
gender pluralism
the existence within a culture of multiple categories of feminity, masculinity, and blurred genders that are tolerated and legitimate
a blurred gender category, usually referring to a person who is biological male but who takes on a female gender role.
patterned behavior that has t do with the supernatural realm
a ritual in which something is offered to the supernaturals
all life is suffering, it is a sense of unease or a sense of not always being quite fulfilled
is the cycle of life, death, and rebirth
is dying and then coming bask as something that you weren't in your previous life
what goes around comes around, it is the idea that if you behave with good passion you will have good karma and vise versa
is to live without harm
is everything is consistently changing
is just luck that the mountain gods give to you
religious syllable or poems used as spiritual conduits, words and vibrations
sky burial
giving the limbs to the birds, they take a body and prepare it and lay it out on a hillside and birds will come and eat the flesh. Giving your body away is your last act of compassion
stories about supernatural forces and beings
khatag scarves
are scarves that people wear to mean different things, like white scarves mean honoring those of higher and lower status and interconnectedness. black scarves represent and end of relationship
is a large sand painting
selective perception
is seeing only what you want to see, it is a way to deal with bad things
compel supernatural forces and beings to act in certain ways
law of similarity
if you do ritual acts on an object that is like something else you are then acting on the ting that it is like
is a gift, payment, declaration or other payment of gratitude
templo mayor
there are two temples, the god of water, and the god of war
are fields that they build and they would plain corn in, and outline with trees