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Material learned in the Driver's Ed class. Help to prepare for written exam for the learners permit. The terms are questions, so always do terms first, unless you want it to be backwards. Password is the age you must be to obtain a permit in Oklahoma, as of 2009. Its the digits.

Who must have a license?

All residents who drive

Who owns your license?


Who must you be accompanied by while driving with a learners permit?

An adult who is 21 or older with a license

How much is it to replace a valid license?


How long do you have to contact the DPS after changing your name or adress?

10 days

What is the minimum amount of insurance required in the state of Oklahoma?

$25 for death or injury of one person or car damage and $50 for the death or injury of two people

Who must wear a seat belt?

All passengers

What does IPDE stand for?

Identify potential hazards, Predict what could happen, Decide on a coarse of action,Executie Desision

What does a red sign mean?

Stop, not allowed

What does a green sign mean?


For how long is a license issued?

Four Years

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