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flowering of american literature
romanticism is said to be the what period for literature
the belief that man is often controlled by his emotions, not always by his reason
definition of romanticism
gold, land, opportunity
reasons for western expansion
key word for classicism
key word of romanticism
key word for transcendentalism
classicism emphasized reason over
classicism emphasized social over
classicism emphasized common over
the surest guide to truth
romanticist believed that reason was not...
"Who can set boundaries to the possibilities of man?"
quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Washington Irving
author of The Devil and Tom Walker
"Rip Van Winkle" "Legend of Sleepy Hollow"
to famous stories by Washington Irving
New York merchant
Washington Irving's father was a
A History of New York...by Diedrich Knickerbocker
Washington Irving's "first substantial work"
President Jefferson
the president (one of many heroes) Washington Irving's book makes fun of
Boston Massachusetts
setting of The Devil and Tom Walker
year setting of The Devil and Tom Walker
Old Scratch
"you are he commonly called...
Quakers and Anabaptists
two persecuted group of people in The Devil and Tom Walker
Deacon Peabody
person Tom said owned the swamp
red men
nickname for the Native Americans in The Devil and Tom Walker
Salem witches
"the grand master of the...
place the Devil put his thumb print on
violent churchgoer
when Tom realized he wanted out of the deal he became a
the book Tom would carry with him in his coat pocket
number of knocks at the door at the end of The Devil and Tom Walker
nature, past, human nature
the three stress areas
to show the power and mystery of nature
reason for nature
to learn from the past in order not to make the same mistake
reason for past
to show that all people have certain characteristics
reason for human nature
to suggest that all people are equal
reason for the reason for human nature
nature "speaks a various languages"
quote by William Cullen Bryant about the language of nature
comforter and teacher
roles of nature
Washington Irving, James Fenimore Cooper, Edgar Allen Poe
the 3 romantic authors
romanticists saw the past as a
psychological studies
a study deep within the human mind
not having a logical explination
a person who always expects the best to happen regardless of the situation
define a romanticist
flat, stereotypical characters, a hint of supernatural, a concern for the emotions, a concern for the individual
4 elements of romanticism
saying someone is a certain way because of the group they belong to
to show that not all things can be explained by reason
why have a hint of supernatural
James Fenimore Coopers imitative writing
The Spy
James Fenimore Coopers writing on the American Revolution
The Pioneers
first of five novels called Leatherstocking Tales
Natty Bumppo
main character in the Leatherstocking Tales
the romanticists in The Praire
to pre-judge
white man believe you have to be ...to go to heaven
good, brave deeds
Indians believe you get to heaven threw
Virgina Clemm
wife and cousin of Edgar Allen Poe
literary critic
a person who reads leading writings, and writes about it in a newspaper
Poe's work that only sold for $10
"Father of the Short Story" and "Father of the Detective Story"
two other names for Edgar Allen Poe
famous fictional detective by Poe
"The Fall of the House of Usher"
Poe's short story about the disintegration of a house
building, family
two meanings for house
unnamed narrator
narrator of "The Fall of the House of Usher"