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Buck: Chapter 2

Medical Coding & Billing
The acronym ICD-9-CM means:
International Classification of Diseases, 9th Revision, Clinical Modification
The three volumes of ICD-9-CM are:
Volume 1-Diseases: Tabular List, Volume 2-Diseases: Alphabetic Index, Volume 3-Procedures: Tabular List and Alphabetic Index
E codes are used to report:
external causes of injury and poisoning
ICD-9-CM codes are updated at least:
V codes are located
Volume 1, ICD-9-CM
Symbols, abbreviations, punctuation, and notations in ICD-9-CM are termed:
NEC is the acronym for:
Not elsewhere Classifiable
ICD-9-CM codes translate the __ of services provided from verbal and narrative descriptions to nationally accepted reporting standards.
medical necessity
In ICD-9-CM, NOS means:
Not otherwise specified
Words contained within the brackets "[ ]" provide the coder with:
synonyms, alternative wording, explanatory phrases
The colon " : " in the Tabular List indicates the:
terms below complete the term to make it assignable to a given category
A symbol used to denote all exclusion notes and to identify those codes that are not usually sequences as the first-listed diagnosis is the:
italicized type
In the Alphabetic Index of Volume 2, ICD-9-CM, nonessential modifiers are:
terms enclosed in parentheses that have no effect on the selection of the code
Codes that have mandatory fifth digits are codes that:
always require a 5th digit to fully describe them
The Table of Drugs and Chemicals is located in:
Volume 1
The classification not included in the Table of Drugs and Chemicals is:
primary neoplasm
All ICD-9-CM codes must be supported by:
physician documentation in the medical record
ICD-9-CM contains __ active appendices in the Tabular List of Volume 1.
ICD-O contains:
codes for the morphology of tumors
The glossary of Mental Disorders used to be listed in:
Appendix B
The ICD-9-CM manual was developed based on a text by what organization?
World Health Organization
Another name for the Supplementary Classification of Factors Influencing Health Status and Contact with Health Services is:
V codes
What volume of the ICD-9-CM is used by hospitals to report inpatient procedures?
Volume 3
What organization, in conjunction with the National Centers for Health Statistics, is responsible for maintenance of the diagnosis classification of ICD-9-CM, Volume 3?
Department of Health and Human Services
What is defined as transforming written descriptions into numerical designations?
What other term does the alphabetic Index, Volume 2, instruct you to check for under Petit's disease?
Hernia, lumbar
Why would a benign neoplasm of nose cartilage not be coded to category 213?
exclude note indicates cartilage of the nose