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Scientific Method


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An opinion that does not require evidence, often based on societal or religious teaching or ethics
A testable statement that predicts the effect of the independent variable on the dependent variable
Scientific Theory
A well substantiated explanation of the natural world, can incorporate facts, laws, inferences and tested hypotheses
Scientific Fact
An objective observation that can be measured again and again with the same result
Scientific Law
A statement of an observed regularity among facts, often expressible as a simple mathematical relationship
SI units
International system of units, the metric system of measurements which is used by all scientists
Controlled Variable
Factor in an experiment that a scientist purposely keeps the same
Manipulated Variable
Factor in an experiment that a scientist purposely changes; also known as independent variable.
Responding Variable
Factor in an experiment that a scientist wants to observe, which may change in response to the manipulated variable; also known as a dependent variable.
Quantitative Data
Data that is numerical and can be measured
Qualitative Data
Data that is descriptive and can be observed
(1) A set of interacting parts that perform an action. (2) A collection of parts that work together to form a whole.
Smaller systems that operate within the context of a larger system
Resources used or consumed by a system
Products, byproducts, and results of a system
System Boundaries
conceptual, help reduce complexity, are artificial, more or less permeable
System flow
A graphical description of the relationship among the input, processing, and output in an information system
A summary that states if your hypothesis was correct or incorrect and what the investigation showed, based on observations and data. .