Romeo & Juliet Terms

30 terms by agreenwood97

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a character who contrasts with another character

round character

a complex character with many traits and qualities who change throughout the story

flat character

a two-dimensional character that is simple and does not change throughout the course of a story

blank verse

a type of poetry that is written in unrhymed iambic pentameter lines

iambic pentameter

five two-syllable united called feet in which the first syllable is unstressed and the second syllable is stressed


a rhyming pair of lines, usually the same length and meter


a short remark delived only for the audience's benefit


a long speech where a character reveals their true feelings or opinions


a conversation between two or more persons


a long speech addressed to other characters on the stage

dramatic irony

a type of irony in which the audience knows something the characters on stage don't know


a figure of speech using seeming contradictions


a comparison using "like" or "as"


a comparison not using "like" or "as"


a type of figurative language in which a nonhuman object is given human qualities


a descriptive or figurative language in literature to create images in the audience's minds


the storyline


the ordinary form of written language, without metrical structure


a stuggle between opposing forces


the hidden meaning of a story

tragic hero

the main character of a tragedy whom results in a catastrophe

tragic flaw

a tragic hero's weakness


a literary term for talking to an absent person or object, thing that will not answer


a play on words

stage directions

notes included in drama to describe how the work is to be performed or staged


inappropriate, humorous, obscene


a prefix for "across" or "through"


a prefix for "amoung," "in the midst," "within," or "shared by two or more"


a suffix that means "in the direction of" or "having a specified direction"


the prefix that means "both" or "around"

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