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Evolve Hesi Mental Health

Lab finding which supports liver disease
Increased SGOT/AST
Alcoholism priority at 72 hours
Altered Nutrition. Vitamin B Deficiency = Wernicke's disease
Accounts for symptoms of alcohol withdrawal delirium.
Increased dopamine
Administer which medication if the alcoholic patient has decreased liver function?
What does Antabuse do?
Raises acetaldehyde. Inhibits the absorption of alcohol
What must occur before Antabuse therapy.
Informed consent.
What task for a mental status exam should an Alzheimer's pt be asked to perform?
List ten different fruits, colors, and animals.
What lab test should be scheduled for donepezil (Aricept).
Serum liver toxicity because of liver toxicity.
What indicates trazodone is working?
Improved sleep. Anti-depressant.
What intervention should be done for nocturnal confusion.
Back rub. Touch as well as other relaxation techniques.
What nursing action to do after client gets fluphenazine decanoate?
Obtain prescription for cogentin
What reaction occurs from antipsychotic administration?
Dystonia - Tonic muscle spasms, often of the tongue, jaw, eyes, and neck.
Which data to obtain with Zyprexa an atypical antipsychotic.
Baseline weight. Weight gain occurs.
What are characteristic of atypical antipsychotics?
Fewer extrapyramidal effects.
Zyprexa takes how much time?
One week
What medication is used for those who do not respond to antipsychotics? What is the side effect?
Clozapine. Angranulocytosis.
What lab value from urinalysis is related to 10-pound weight loss.
Positive Ketones.
What medication should be given immediately for muscle spasms of the jaw and neck?
Benadryl IM
What mechanism of Haldol causes its side effect.
Alpha-adrenergic blockade in the heart causes orthostatic hypotension.
Uncontrollable movements of the face or extremities.
Tardive dyskinesia.
Sullivan model focuses on?
How should a patient know when to take xanax?
Measure anxiety on a scale, then decide when to use Xanax.
What may happen with Wellbutrin XL?
Anxiety level may increase.
Contraindication for Wellbutrin XL?
Anorexia or bulimia.
Wellbutrin and headaches.
Go away within a few days.
VDRL tests for what?
Axis I-IV
Primary psychiatric disorder. Mental Retardation. Physiologic problems. Psychosocial.
What is an adverse reaction to stimulant medication.
Weight loss.
Stimulation medication has been prescribed, what is the issue?
Legal issues.
What should be addressed in ADHD followup visit?
Mood/anxiety. Comorbidities.
Alternative to pharmacology for ADHD
Psychotherapy that focuses on ADHD.
Psychotic delusions are most likely related to:
low self esteem
Hold Haldol when...
Fever of 102 F. NMS.
Client becomes verbally abusive.
Ignore the client's inappropriate behavior.