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  1. Disco Scene
  2. MTV legacy
  3. Paul Simon
  4. The New Romantics
  5. REM
  1. a recorded with South African musicians (Ladysmith Black Mambazo); political controversy; the seminal world-beat album
  2. b "I saw that song"; MTV critical in 80s, serving as national radio station
  3. c MTV concentrated on appealing British Bands --> music with synthesizes and a disco peat (electro-pop)
  4. d socially conscious folk/alternative; clean natural sound
  5. e discotheques; 70s added light shows; cocaine and poppers; communal dance ecstasy; similar to rave scene; theatrical experience

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  1. showed that rap could be much more than novelty: its lyrics could now be taken seriously
  2. "Disco sucks"; anti-disco campaigns from young white males; racist & homophobic reaction
  3. Pop metal (Van Halen, Bon Jovi)
  4. became star through video; band integrated across racial & gender lines; fusion of hard rock & sound w/ sexually explicit lyrics
  5. rose from British punk scene; strong reggae influence; pop superstars in 80s with original guitar sound

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  1. Developments in marketingradio stations devoted to classic rock & addressed to boomers


  2. THE DJrap begins in NY in late 70s with DJs; DJ-ing is basis of hip hop where it began


  3. Michael Jackson and MTVperfect fit --> visually stunning videos and choreography; unheard of sales on par with Elvis & the Beatles


  4. development in raphip hop culture grows underground with new fashion and language


  5. early 80s79-80 --> music industry in recession but revived by CD and MTV; "The Video Age"