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  1. Thoughts on Bowie
  2. NWA
  3. Disco Scene
  4. Women rappers
  5. Disco's success
  1. a huge impact on punk; provided outrageous model for punkers; huge success with dance music; genius for constructing and re-inventing himself as an always changing media icon even before Madonna
  2. b women were always there, males were just first recorded; SaltNPepa,; in your face sexuality
  3. c disco was a huge commercial success by 1979; many books published; conversions of all types of songs to disco versions
  4. d "**** the Police"; dr dre and Ice cube went on to greater success
  5. e discotheques; 70s added light shows; cocaine and poppers; communal dance ecstasy; similar to rave scene; theatrical experience

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  1. outrageous outfits reflected 70s; immense commercial success in the 70s
  2. back to basics rock; two minute high-energy guitar attacks; influential in England
  3. Parents Music Resource Enter (PMRC) found in 1985 --> congressional hearings
  4. popular dance music in early 60s using R&B vocal styles/instrumentation; fast tempos, piano, guitar;
  5. economic hardship for blacks in 80s/90s; drugs gangs guns; arose from desperation and creating a sense of community

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  1. Other Electro-pop MTV artistsDevo, Elvis Costello, The Pretenders, The Cars, Billy Idol


  2. The Beastie Boysexpanded rap's language; white rap stylings


  3. Metal categoriestraditional; pop/glam; thrash/speed; death


  4. Corporate Rockmid 70s rock that was 'safe' and corporate; well suited for profit (Eagles, Manilow, etc); styles of punk and disco changed all of this


  5. 1970s continuation of Heavy metalsecond generation of heavy metal bands with even more spectacular live performances; sound developed by Iron maiden, Judas Priest, Aerosmith