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  1. Ska
  2. Afrika Bambaataa and the Soulsonic Force
  3. Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
  4. Notorious BIG
  5. The Synthesizer
  1. a showed that rap could be much more than novelty: its lyrics could now be taken seriously
  2. b synthesized funk sound, illustrates coming of drum machines, sampling
  3. c popular dance music in early 60s using R&B vocal styles/instrumentation; fast tempos, piano, guitar;
  4. d revolutionary instrument that uses electrical currents to stimulate sound; interest generated by Walter Carlos; reflects digital age
  5. e literary skill, rhythm

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  1. socially conscious folk/alternative; clean natural sound
  2. blend of punk/metal/pop; "warmed over black sabbath"; a look/reaction against hair bands
  3. initially an underground phenomenon with little airplay and independent labels
  4. reached big markets because the message was pop instead of politics; song was driven and had great hooks
  5. iconed by "The Hustle" - Van McCoy and The Soul City Orchestra; "Never Can Say Goodbye" - the first disco hit

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  1. Thoughts on Bowiehuge impact on punk; provided outrageous model for punkers; huge success with dance music; genius for constructing and re-inventing himself as an always changing media icon even before Madonna


  2. Hardcore Punkfaster, angrier; began in LA; bands promoted themselves


  3. development in raprap arrives as disco ends; "Rapper's Delight" brought rap to national attention


  4. Madonnabegan in disco, used video to make herself a star; Bowie-like; pushes buttons of sexuality, religion, abortion, etc


  5. Developments in marketingMusic video