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  1. Alice Cooper
  2. Rap vs. Rock
  3. Guns N' Roses
  4. Megadeth
  5. Rap in essence
  1. a rebellious & noisy; made alienated by youth; both attacked by PMRC
  2. b one definition: "rhyming in rhtyhm"; antecedents of childrens' rhymes & famous speeches; competition & battle
  3. c pioneer of rock theater (elaborate shows)
  4. d new bad boys of metal in late 80s
  5. e formed 1983 when Dave Mustaine kicked out of Metallica; continued Metallica's style with speed and intensity; created progressive strain of heavy metal

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  1. b-boy (break, beat, or Bronx); women danced from the beginning; art of the battle
  2. economic hardship for blacks in 80s/90s; drugs gangs guns; arose from desperation and creating a sense of community
  3. turntablism (DJ-ing); rap (MC-ing); break dancing; graffiti; fashion
  4. Music video
  5. discotheques; 70s added light shows; cocaine and poppers; communal dance ecstasy; similar to rave scene; theatrical experience

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  1. REMsocially conscious folk/alternative; clean natural sound


  2. Duran Duranslower, laid back, bottom heavy, introduced Snoop Dogg


  3. early 80s79-80 --> music industry in recession but revived by CD and MTV; "The Video Age"


  4. beginning of raprap arrives as disco ends; "Rapper's Delight" brought rap to national attention


  5. development in raphip hop culture grows underground with new fashion and language