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  1. Scratching
  2. Crossover
  3. Compact disc
  4. Paul Simon
  5. metal censorship court cases
  1. a 1982; replaced by vinyl LP; huge boost for industry
  2. b Ozzy in 1985, "Suicide Solution"; Judas Priest in 1990; 2-Live Crew in 1989
  3. c recorded with South African musicians (Ladysmith Black Mambazo); political controversy; the seminal world-beat album
  4. d accidentally invented by Grand Wizard Theordore
  5. e MTV pushes wall between rock and hip hop; "It's all rock and roll - Ice T" ; "Cop Killer" put blame on rap for glorifying violence

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  1. traditional; pop/glam; thrash/speed; death
  2. "I saw that song"; MTV critical in 80s, serving as national radio station
  3. disco was a huge commercial success by 1979; many books published; conversions of all types of songs to disco versions
  4. discotheques; 70s added light shows; cocaine and poppers; communal dance ecstasy; similar to rave scene; theatrical experience
  5. audience disillusioned & alienated; cared passionately only about music; take control of your life; in it for music, not marketing

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  1. Notorious BIGliterary skill, rhythm


  2. Misogyny in Hip Hopwhy do so many female fans listen to music that degrades women?


  3. Princegay NY dance culture; smooth transitions between songs; funk was root


  4. Prophet 5polyphonic synthesizer


  5. The Beastie Boysexpanded rap's language; white rap stylings