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  1. Alternative rock
  2. Donna Summer
  3. Women rappers
  4. Commercial success of New Wave
  5. MTV
  1. a women were always there, males were just first recorded; SaltNPepa,; in your face sexuality
  2. b launched August 1st, 1981; precursors of MGM musicals, scopitone/Color Sonics machines, Beatles, Bohemian Rhapsody
  3. c disco's first diva; think of Beyonce (Love to Love You Baby"; introduction of moroder (created extended & symphonic mixes)
  4. d reached big markets because the message was pop instead of politics; song was driven and had great hooks
  5. e underground styles called "college rock"; music hard to find; indie labels, fanzines; non-commercial; REM showed commercial potential of this music

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  1. rap begins in NY in late 70s with DJs; DJ-ing is basis of hip hop where it began
  2. Ozzy in 1985, "Suicide Solution"; Judas Priest in 1990; 2-Live Crew in 1989
  3. rebirth of independent lyrics; empowered women in rock; in its decline, punk became a form of merchandise
  4. rose from British punk scene; strong reggae influence; pop superstars in 80s with original guitar sound
  5. recorded with South African musicians (Ladysmith Black Mambazo); political controversy; the seminal world-beat album

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  1. Corporate Rockmid 70s rock that was 'safe' and corporate; well suited for profit (Eagles, Manilow, etc); styles of punk and disco changed all of this


  2. early 80smetal becomes mainstream with Def Leppard, Van Halen, Bon Jovi; shorter catchier songs, more sophisticated production; emphasis on virtuosity & classical music a source


  3. Megadethformed 1983 when Dave Mustaine kicked out of Metallica; continued Metallica's style with speed and intensity; created progressive strain of heavy metal


  4. break dancingb-boy (break, beat, or Bronx); women danced from the beginning; art of the battle


  5. Hardcore Punkfaster, angrier; began in LA; bands promoted themselves