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  1. The Ramones
  2. Notorious BIG
  3. Metal and Censorship
  4. Hip hop technology
  5. Punk in London
  1. a back to basics rock; two minute high-energy guitar attacks; influential in England
  2. b Parents Music Resource Enter (PMRC) found in 1985 --> congressional hearings
  3. c literary skill, rhythm
  4. d turntables, drum machines; sampling --> sound taken from a recorded medium and used on another medium
  5. e economic hard times attempted to be solved with New Right conservatism; punk was British lashing out with anger against govt

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  1. seattle bands such as Pearl Jam dominate charts in 92/93; grunge reflects anger, disillusionment of new generation; hip hop pushes grunge/metal aside as "cutting edge statement of youth culture"
  2. began in late 60s with focus on subway trains; media outcry in early 70s
  3. mid 70s rock that was 'safe' and corporate; well suited for profit (Eagles, Manilow, etc); styles of punk and disco changed all of this
  4. Rastafarianism and Rude Boy street politics; 'reggae' derived from 'raggay' meaning 'raggedy, everyday stuff'; emphasis on offbeat; political music attacking racism & capitalism
  5. "Me Decade" - America prospering under Nixon after Vietnam - sexual experimentation and the pursuit of pleasure

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  1. Ice T"Cop Killer"


  2. Dr. Drenew sound: rapid-fire vocal tradeoffs; boomy beats; brought rap to masses


  3. Kisssocially conscious folk/alternative; clean natural sound


  4. Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Fiveelements of funk, Latin, strings, sweet vocal precision; message of racial unity; championed African culture & heritage


  5. Dead Kennedysmade reggae international in 70s; six gold LPs in 5 years; icon for oppressed people everywhere