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  1. break dancing
  2. Compact disc
  3. Other influential synthesizer players
  4. David Bowie
  5. What is Reggae?
  1. a mix of Caribbean folk and R&B; first rock style to originate in third world; born in Kingston Jamaica
  2. b Stevie Wonder, Tangerine Dream
  3. c 1982; replaced by vinyl LP; huge boost for industry
  4. d b-boy (break, beat, or Bronx); women danced from the beginning; art of the battle
  5. e the avatar of glam rock; "Ziggy Stardust" persona; public declares homosexuality

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  1. rebirth of independent lyrics; empowered women in rock; in its decline, punk became a form of merchandise
  2. image of strength and open sexuality for women; humor
  3. back to basics rock; two minute high-energy guitar attacks; influential in England
  4. six gay men in costume; songs were gay jokes for those who understood
  5. one of the most successful early MTV acts; pop sensibility, visual, fashion, attractive; electro-pop

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  1. The 70s was known as the "______ decade" because..three #1 singles in '75; "Get Down Tonight" "That's the Way I Like It" "Shake Your Booty"


  2. B-52sunforgettable image: slacks, beehive hairdos; retro sound


  3. Underground attitudeaudience disillusioned & alienated; cared passionately only about music; take control of your life; in it for music, not marketing


  4. The Synthesizerrose from British punk scene; strong reggae influence; pop superstars in 80s with original guitar sound


  5. Hip Hop in 90spolyphonic synthesizer


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