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  1. New genre in music marketing
  2. Reggae
  3. Minimoog
  4. Paul Simon
  5. Grunge?
  1. a blend of punk/metal/pop; "warmed over black sabbath"; a look/reaction against hair bands
  2. b monophonic synthesizer
  3. c Music video
  4. d recorded with South African musicians (Ladysmith Black Mambazo); political controversy; the seminal world-beat album
  5. e Rastafarianism and Rude Boy street politics; 'reggae' derived from 'raggay' meaning 'raggedy, everyday stuff'; emphasis on offbeat; political music attacking racism & capitalism

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  1. expanded rap's language; white rap stylings
  2. 1982; replaced by vinyl LP; huge boost for industry
  3. chronicled the violent life of the inner city
  4. white acts in Britain (the Clash, Police)
  5. delivered message of black pride; redefined roles of rappers in contemporary culture: had to be taken seriously; mix of politics, intellect, noise

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  1. Sex Pistolsdistinct alternative scene in late 80s; Green River, SubPop records; DIY; tv and film bring attention to seattle


  2. Judas Priesttwin lead guitars; extravagant stage shows; short catchy tunes direct way towards 80s


  3. Michael Jackson's legacynew bad boys of metal in late 80s


  4. What is Reggae?mix of Caribbean folk and R&B; first rock style to originate in third world; born in Kingston Jamaica


  5. THE DJrap begins in NY in late 70s with DJs; DJ-ing is basis of hip hop where it began