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What was the main reason scientists objected to Alfred Wegener's idea of continental drift?

Wegener's proposed mechanism for movement was thought to violate the laws of physics.

As a tool, paleomagnetism is a piece of modern evidence that has helped support plate tectonics by showing that ________________.

magnetic sea floor "stripes" are symmetric with respect to the mid-ocean ridge

The East Pacific Rise is associated with which type of plate boundary?


How is it that the floor of the ocean is so much younger than the ocean itself?

The ocean floor keeps regenerating itself.

Plate boundaries where new oceanic crust is being added are called

divergent boundaries

The faster the rate of spreading at the mid-ocean ridge or rise, the ________ the underwater volcanic mountain range.

broader (wider)

Most lithospheric plates contain both oceanic and continental crust.


The Hawaiian Islands are associated with which type of plate boundary?

none of the above (The Hawaiian Islands are not associated with any plate boundary.)

In general, where would the youngest ocean floor be found?

at the mid-ocean ridge

What happens when an oceanic and a continental plate converge?

The oceanic plate will be subducted.

What happens when two continental plates converge?

Neither subducts; instead, a mountain range forms.

Your job is to locate the world's plate boundaries. To do this, you may use only one map. The best map to choose for this job is a map that shows the worldwide locations of ___________________.


Which of the following is associated with a subduction zone?

a volcanic arc

How much wider is the Atlantic Ocean today than when Christopher Columbus sailed? Assume that the Atlantic Ocean is getting wider at a rate of 3 centimeters per year (about 1 inch). (Round off the dates to the nearest century to make the calculation simpler.)

15 meters (about 49 feet)

An ocean trench is associated with which type of plate boundary?


The San Andreas Fault is associated with which type of plate boundary?


Along which of the following would you NOT expect to find active volcanic activity?

continental collision zone

Which of the following tropical islands would likely be the youngest?

tropical island without a fringing reef

What best describes the tectonic setting of the Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest?

subduction zone

Overall, the Atlantic Ocean basin is ________, and the Pacific Ocean basin is ________.

growing; shrinking

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