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Medical Coding & Billing

Chapter 11 Disease of the Digestive System (K00-K94) contains many combination codes that require careful reading.


Chapter 13 contains codes for bone, joint and muscle conditions that are recurrent or chronic conditions while Chapter 19 contains codes for current injuries.


For certain conditions, the bone may be affected at the upper or lower end such as with avascular necrosis of the femur in the knee joint. When the site is at the joint, report the condition of the joint, not the bone.


A stage II pressure ulcer is considered a full thickness loss o skin.


There are two types of direct infections; reactive arthropathy and postinfective arthropathy.


A symptom code should not be assigned when it is considered to be routinely associated with a disease process.


With indirect infections (Category M02) of joints due to infectious or parasitic disease classified elsewhere, the coder is directed to "code first" the underlying disease.


Staphylococcus aureus arthritis of the left ankle is an example of when the organism is reported first, followed by a code to report the pyogenic arthritis.


For hemorrhage to be reported there does not have to be active bleeding; however, there must be documentation in the medical record indicating active bleeding has occurred and the source of the bleeding must be identified.


The Includes and Excludes of a code are only listed in the Tabular; therefore, it is imperative that you reference the Tabular before selecting a code.


A stress fracture is the same as a pathologic fracture.


Pressure ulcers develop when the circulation to an area is decreased by the application of pressure to the area.


Many conditions reported in the musculoskeletal chapter are a result of previous injury or trauma to a site, or are recurrent conditions.


There are only two code categories assigned to report infectious arthropathies: M00, and M01.


Osteoporosis is a systemic condition, meaning that all bones of the musculoskeletal system are affected.


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