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Bathymetry involves the measurement of the ___________.

depth of the ocean floor below sea level

Ocean depths are routinely determined by ___________.

sending sound through the water and determining the time required for it to return to the ship

What happens to the ocean water over a seamount on the ocean floor when measured from a satellite?

The ocean water rises up to form a mound based on the mass of the seamount.

If you could walk out away from shore across the sea floor on a passive continental margin, what is the order of provinces you would cross?

continental shelf, slope, and then the rise

A small, rounded, submerged volcanic hill that rises less than 1 kilometer (0.6 mile) above the sea floor is called __________________.

abyssal hill

Which of the following features is NOT associated with the crest of the mid-ocean ridge?


Where would you expect to find well-developed continental shelves?

along passive continental margins

The continental margin of the U.S. Atlantic coast is ____________ continental margin, and the continental margin off the west coast of South America is _____________ continental margin.

a passive; a convergent-active

What process is primarily responsible for the formation of the continental rise along the East Coast of the United States?

deposition of sediment by turbidity currents as deep-sea fans

Which of the following best describes a continental borderland?

a series of islands, shallow banks, and deep basins

The steep transition zone between the outer edge of the continental shelf and the deep-ocean basin is called the ____________________.

continental slope

Pillow lavas (pillow basalts) indicate that molten lava came in contact with water and cooled very quickly.


The Andes Mountains, which are a tall mountain range along the west coast of South America, are associated with an active continental margin.


Turbidity currents are highly erosive and are thought to be responsible for the creation of deep-sea trenches


Where is the Ring of Fire located?

Around the margins of the Pacific Ocean

Which of the following statements concerning graded bedding deposits is FALSE?

They result from successive lava flow.

Which of the following statements about submarine canyons is FALSE?

They are found only off of mountainous coasts.

Of the following, which is the best description of a sea floor hydrothermal vent?

a chimney that emits a column of hot, cloudy water formed from the precipitation of metal-rich minerals

Why does the mid-ocean ridge have a zigzag appearance?

It accommodates spreading of a linear ridge system on a spherical Earth.

Which of the following statements about fracture zones is FALSE?

They are transform plate boundaries

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