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CS 105 Final Review

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A computer contains many electric, electronic, and mechanical components known as ___.
A computer's ____ determine(s) the category it best fits.
size and speed
processing power
A hard disk provides much ___.
greater storage capacity than a USB flash drive.
A Web site is ___.
a collection of related Web pages.
A(n) ___ is someone who develops software or writes the instructions that direct the computer to process data into information.
A ___ is a portable storage device that has much greater storage capabilities than a floppy disk, but is small and lightweight enough to be transported on a keychain or in a pocket.
USB flash drive
A(n) ___ is anyone who communicates with a computer or utilizes the information it generates.
A(n) ___ is a system that attempts to imitate the behavior of the human brain.
neural network
True or False?
A printer displays text, graphics, and videos on a screen.
A ____ is an input device that converts printed material to a form the computer can use.
True or False:
Computers process information into data.
True or False:
Hardware requirements for a small office/home office (SOHO) user include game consoles.
True or False:
In many networks, one or more commputers act as a server.
True or False:
Mainframes store only small amounts of dataa, instructions, and information.
True or False:
A client controls access to the resources on a network.
carry out the instruction in a computer program
a podcast that contains video and also usually audio
storage device
records and/or retrieves items to and from storage media
set up software to work with a computer and other hardware components
interprets and carries out basic instructions that operate a computer.
A cabel ____ allows access to high-speed internet services through the cable television network.
A Web ____ is a collection of related Web pages and associated items, such as documents and pictures, stored on a Web server.
True or False:
Computers cannot get a virus through e-mail.
FTP sites can be ___, whereby anyone can transfer some, if not all, available files.
True or False:
Like an IP address, the components of a domain name are separated by commas.
True or False:
No single person, company, institution, or government agency controls or owns the Internet.
True or False:
The Internet and the Web are the same thing.
also called Internet telephony
___ is a business transaction that occurs over an electronic network such as the Internet.
___ is the code of acceptable behaviors users should follow while on the Internet; that is, it is the conduct expected of indivuduals while online.
___ is the transmission of messages and files via a computer network.
___ occurs when one consumer sells directly to another consumer, such as in an online auction.
Consumer-to-consumer (C2C) e-commerce
___ sets standards and guidelines for many areas of the Internet.
The W3C
True or False:
It is legal to download copyrighted music regardless of whether the song's copyright holder has granted permission for users to download and play the song.
IP address
A number that uniquely identifies each computer or device connected to the Internet.
search engines
Particularly helpful in locating Web pages about certain topics or in locating specific pages for which a user does not know the exact Web address.
uses the internet instead of the public switched telephone network to connect a calling party to one or more called parties
Type of broadband Internet servece that uses fiber-optic cable to provide high-speed Internet access to home and business users
Oversees research and sets standards and guidelines for many areas of the Internet
Type of broadband connection that provides high-speed Internet connections using reguar copper telephone lines
Mailing list
When a message is sent to one of these, every person on the list receives a copy of the message in his or her mailbox.