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  1. organicism
  2. class struggle
  3. dictatorship
  4. oppression
  5. pivotal role of capitalism
  1. a capitalism creates wage-slaves, squashes creativity, creates an internal antagonism
  2. b more and more people become proletariat, oppressed by tyranny of capitalism
  3. c temporary dictatorship of proletariat before workers redistribute the property of the capitalists
  4. d individuality is subordinate to organic whole. if individuals get in way of history's predetermined path, they must be sacrificed
  5. e 2 classes -- bourgeoisie and proletariat

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  1. will replace religion
  2. we do not have free will, we are pawns in history's dialectal struggle
  3. cause of crime and greed abolished, everyone will be equal. utopia.
  4. criticism of earth
  5. the herd subscribes to the will to power, though they deny it because they perceive it to be morally wrong

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  1. revolutionworkers are alienated from the fruit of labor, perform repetitive movements in fragmented work


  2. criticism of religioncriticism of earth


  3. freedomwe are free to create ourselves and our essence. we can do anything we wish, as long as we universalize it.


  4. alienationworkers of the world will unite, violence will be necessary


  5. criticism of theologycriticism of earth