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  1. universal camaraderie
  2. criticism of religion
  3. absurdity of existence
  4. existentialism
  5. slave morality
  1. a certainty of death heightens the fact that existence is an objectively meaningless event
  2. b a call to look inward, to develop one's own personal philosophy of life, to get one's priorities right
  3. c will replace religion
  4. d c of law
  5. e the idea that all humans are of equal worth

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  1. ppl identify with their economic class
  2. cause of crime and greed abolished, everyone will be equal. utopia.
  3. capitalism creates wage-slaves, squashes creativity, creates an internal antagonism
  4. workers of the world will unite, violence will be necessary
  5. created based on the will to power; intelligence, excellence, courage, and self affirmation will dominate

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  1. freedomwe are free to create ourselves and our essence. we can do anything we wish, as long as we universalize it.


  2. historical materialist determinismwe do not have free will, we are pawns in history's dialectal struggle


  3. criticism of theologycriticism of earth


  4. value theoryworker creates value for capitalist, theory of value condemns capitalists for exploiting workers


  5. organicismcause of crime and greed abolished, everyone will be equal. utopia.


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