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  1. existence precedes essence
  2. class struggle
  3. pivotal role of capitalism
  4. revolution
  5. dictatorship
  1. a there is no objective truth, value of life is in the process of searching for truth
  2. b temporary dictatorship of proletariat before workers redistribute the property of the capitalists
  3. c capitalism creates wage-slaves, squashes creativity, creates an internal antagonism
  4. d workers of the world will unite, violence will be necessary
  5. e 2 classes -- bourgeoisie and proletariat

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  1. c of politics
  2. c of law
  3. ppl identify with their economic class
  4. will replace religion
  5. created based on the will to power; intelligence, excellence, courage, and self affirmation will dominate

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  1. ethics of resentmentthe herd subscribes to the will to power, though they deny it because they perceive it to be morally wrong


  2. criticism of heavencriticism of earth


  3. communismcause of crime and greed abolished, everyone will be equal. utopia.


  4. value theoryworker creates value for capitalist, theory of value condemns capitalists for exploiting workers


  5. oppressionmore and more people become proletariat, oppressed by tyranny of capitalism