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  1. EPA
  2. Cide - Cidal
  3. Pathogen
  4. Carcinogenic
  5. Sanitation
  1. a Cancer causing
  2. b Any microorganism that causes disease
  3. c Environmental Protection Agency
  4. d Suffixes meaning to kill
  5. e Applying practices that make something more acceptable by cleaning it

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  1. Food and Drug Administration
  2. The process of keeping an animal by itself to prevent the spread of disease; isolation
  3. The process of killing and removing all microorganisms
  4. A badge that records exposure to radiation that is worn when taking x-rays
  5. Biohazard materials such as needles, scalpel blades and syringes

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  1. ParasiteAn organism that grows, feeds, and lives on or in another organism


  2. MSDSOccupational Safety and Health Administration


  3. IsolationApplying practices that make something more acceptable by cleaning it


  4. BiohazardMedical waste that could cause infection


  5. OSHAOccupational Safety and Health Administration