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  1. Pathogen
  2. Cide - Cidal
  3. Sanitation
  4. Antiseptics
  5. Incubation Period
  1. a Any microorganism that causes disease
  2. b Applying practices that make something more acceptable by cleaning it
  3. c Solutions that destroy microorganisms or inhibit their growth on living tissue
  4. d The period of time between infection and the appearance of clinical signs
  5. e Suffixes meaning to kill

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  1. Material Safety Data Sheet
  2. The process of killing and removing all microorganisms
  3. A badge that records exposure to radiation that is worn when taking x-rays
  4. Occupational Safety and Health Administration
  5. Being free of infection or contamination by microorganisms

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  1. EPAEnvironmental Protection Agency


  2. SharpsBiohazard materials such as needles, scalpel blades and syringes


  3. BiohazardMedical waste that could cause infection


  4. CarcinogenicCancer causing


  5. FDAEnvironmental Protection Agency