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What is the main, general purpose of negative feedback?

To maintain homeostasis

An oblique cut is one that is

diagonally between the vertical and horizontal

A structure that is composed of two or more tissues would be an

an organ

Which of the following would not be a functional characteristic of life?


Which term means toward or at the back of the body, behind?


Which of the following statements is true concerning feedback mechanisms?

Negative feedback mechanisms work to prevent sudden severe changes within the body.

The anatomical position is characterized by all of the following except...

palms turned posteriorly

A good example of a positive feedback mechanism would be ...

enhancement of labor contractions

Which of the following describes a parasagittal plane?

any sagittal plane except the median

The parietal pleural would represent a serous membrane

lining the thoracic cavity

Homeostasis is the condition in which the body maintains

a relatively stable internal environment, within limits

In which cavities are the lungs located?

pleural , ventral, and thoracic

In which abdominopelvic cavity is the stomach located?

left upper

Which of the following statements is the most correct regarding homeostatic imbalance?

It is considered the cause of most diseases.

The dorsal body cavity is the site of which of the following?


One of the functional characteristics of life is irritability. This refers to ..

sensing changes in the environment and then reacting or responding to them

What is a vertical section through the body, dividing it into anterior and posterior regions called?


Which is NOT in the mediastinum?


The change that a cell undergoes from an unspecialized one to a specialized one is called


A feedback system consists of three basic components: q control center, a receptor, and a..

and effector

Any stimulus that tends to create and imbalance in the internal environment is known as


The process of using energy to build p the body's structural and functional components is called


When your digestive enzymes chemically break down beef proteins into their subunits (amino acids), this would be an example of


If the number of a person's catabolic reactions are greater than his or her anabolic reactions , then this person is

losing weight

Growth by assimilation is


The thorax is separated from the abdomen by the


The abdomino-pelvic cavity is divided into quadrants by horizontal and vertical lines passing through the


In which quadrant is the pain of appendicitis likely to be felt

right lower

In general, the lipids that we refer to as oils have

a high degree of unsaturated bonds

The genetic information is coded in DNA by the

sequence of the nucleotides

Which of the following is not true of proteins?

They appear to be the molecular carriers of the coded hereditary information

Carbohydrates are stored in the liver and muscles in the form of


A chemical reaction in which bonds are broken is usually associated with

the consumption of energy

A solution that has a pH of 2 could best be described as being

very acidic

Which of the following would be regarded as an organic molecule?


What is a chain of 25 amino acids called?


Carbohydrates and proteins are built up from their building blocks by the

removal of a water molecule between each two units

Which states about enzymes is false?

Enzymes raise the activation energy needed to start a reaction

Which of the following statements is false?

Larger particles move faster than smaller ones and thus collide more frequently and more forcefully

Isotopes of the same element _____ in their atomic masses due to a _________ number of neutrons,.

Differ; different

Which protein types are capable of repairing other proteins that were damaged by stress or heat shock?

Molecular chaperones

What is the neutralization reaction?

HCL + NaOH = NaCL + H2O

Amino Acids joining together to make a peptide is a good example of a(n) _________ reaction?

dehydration synthesis

Sucrose is a


If the half- life of I-131 is 2 1\2 months, how much radioactivity remains in the thyroid of a patient five months after treatment with this radioisotope?


Which of these statements is true?

Alpha particles are much more massive than beta particles, and if inhaled,inflict much more damage.

With its single, unpaired outer-shell electron, a free radical is

extremely reactive

High energy radiation damages biological tissues because it

ionizes many neutral atoms, resulting in free radical formation

Water is an excellent solvent for most substances, but water will not dissolve

non polar components

An acidic solution is likely to have a great numbeer of

hydrogen ions

A healthy individual has a blood pH of


Most buffers in the body consist of a

weak acid

If you skip a meal and you later feel a lack of energy, your liver will split stored glycogen into smaller molecules known as


Lipids are insoluble in water for the simple reason that they are


A saturated fat is saturated with


the most plentiful lipids in the body are


Steroids are classified as


Cell membranes must be both "hydrophobic and hydrophobic . which molecule can serve both of these requirements?


Cholesterol is a


Hair and nails are structural proteins. What is a good example of a functional protein

digestive enzymes

The number of different types of amino acids in humans is


Which statement is false?
Each enzyme can catalyze many different types of reactions
they are easily denatured at several degrees above the body temperature
They are catalysts that are made out of protein

A. each enzyme can catalyze many different type of reactions

Dehydration synthesis is


Saturated fats

are more likely to contribute to arteriosclerosis than unsaturated fats

When a phosphate group is added to ADP. energy is being


The RNA responsible for bringing the amino acids to the factory site for protein formation is capable of reading both the nucleic acid and language as well as the protein language. That molecule is known as


A red blood cell placed in pure water would

swell and burst

Which of the following describes the plasma membrane

the phospholipid bi-ayer surrounding the cell

Describe diffusion?

the greater the concentration of gradient, the faster the rate of diffusion.

Cell wastes are transported from the blood into the kidney tubules by


Cell junction include all of the following except


If cells are placed in a hypertonic solution containing a solute to which the membrane is impermeable, what could happen?

the cells will lose water and shrink

Once solid material is phagocytized and taken into a vacuole, what best describes the events?

a lysosome combines with the vacuole and digests the enclosed solid material

Which of the following is a function of a plasma membrane protein?

molecular transport through the membrane

Which of the following would not be a constituent of a plasma membrane?


Which of these is an inclusion, not an organelle?


Passive membrane transport processes include

the movement of a substance down its concentration gradient


contain some of the DNA and RNA code necessary for their own function


are able to detoxify substances by enzymatic action

DNA replication

takes place during the S Phase of the cell cycle

Which of the following is a principle of the fluid mosaic model of cell membrane structure?

Phospholipids form a bilayer that is largely impermeable to water-soluble molecules.

The main component of the cytosol is



contain a powerful digestive enzyme that are potentially dangerous to the cell

The functions of centrioles include

organizing the mitotic spindle in cell division

Crenation is likely to occur in blood cells in

hypertonic solution

The Na +/ K + pump functions to maintain a concentration gradient such that

potassium levels are high inside the cell and sodium levels are high outside the cell

A cell's membrane has been describe as a fluid mosaic meaning its like a mosaic of _____, in a sea of ____________.

Proteins, Lipids

What is not a function of cell membrane proteins?

key role in aerobic respiration

Intravenous feeding is typically a 5% dextrose solution but this is a starvation diet, and patients will lose weight. Why don't they just administer a 10 % solution

it would result in a hypertonic extracelluler environment

If human cancer tissue were being studied in the laboratory for an extended period of time , the cells would be undoubedly be kept in a solution of nutrients that was


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