6th grade Social Studies Columbia County, Georgia


(Citizen participation) -- Power of the government is in the hands of 1 person. Citizens have no role in government decisions.


(Citizen participation) -- Power is in the hands of the people. The people elect leaders and participate in government. (U.S., U.K., Canada)


(Citizen participation) -- Power is in the hands of a few people or a small group. (South Africa before the end of Apartheid)


A system of government in which power is divided between a central government and individual states. (U.S., U.K., Canada)


A system of government in which power is in the hands of one; government controls everything (China, Cuba)


A VOLUNTARY association of states that agree to follow a powerful central government. (European Union)


Type of democracy in which the citizens elect the legislature, then the Prime Minister (leader) is appointed by the legislature. Head of State and Chief Executive are two different people. No set limit on how long the Prime Minister may serve in office.


Economy driven by individuals with private ownership of businesses. Lots of competition, little government interference. (U.S., U.K., Canada) (Government controls certain things like schools, power plants, and railroads.) There is no "true" market economy.


Economy that is dictated by the government. Little or no competition. (China, Cuba)


Economy based on the traditions of the local population. Found mostly in areas where people grow food to eat (many African countries, some Asian countries, Canadian Inuits, etc.)


A trade barrier that imposes taxes on imported goods. Remember: TAriff = TAx


A trade barrier that places a ban on imported goods. Remember: emBArgo = BAn


A trade barrier that limits the number of imported goods. (Remember: QUota+QUantity)


People needed to make business work. An example of human capital is your free public school education.


Goods or equipment needed by businesses to produce other goods. Factories, computers, big machines, etc.


Someone that starts a business.

What is GDP?

GDP = Gross Domestic Product
That's HOW MUCH MONEY YOUR COUNTRY MAKES IN A YEAR by producing and selling products and services.

How do entrepreneurs increase a country's GDP?

Entrepreneurs increase the country's GDP by starting businesses that give people jobs. When people have jobs, they spend more money which increases the GDP.

What are the basic issues that economic systems address?

WHAT to produce
HOW to produce it
For WHOM is it being produced

How does investing in CAPITAL GOODS increase a country's GDP?

By making investments in capital goods countries may be able to produce items to sell and trade, which, in turn, make the GDP higher. (An example of a capital good would be a huge machine in a factory that makes things.)

Give an example of an investment in HUMAN CAPITAL

Any kind of education or training for citizens can be considered an investment in human capital. Your free education from 1st grade - 12th grade is an example of an investment in human capital.

Why should countries invest in HUMAN CAPITAL?

Countries must train and educate their citizens so the country will always be able to produce and sell things that people need.

Why do countries exchange currencies?

Because money's value is different in each country (except members of the European Union - they have the EURO). A dollar in America is not worth a dollar in other countries.

What is a problem with exchanging currencies?

Banks charge fees to exchange currency. (It costs money to exchange money!)

What is the relationship between literacy rate and standard of living?

A high literacy rate = a higher standard of living. Simply put, the more education you have and the more people can read, the more money they will make. EDUCATION = $$$

What type of economy do COMMunist countries have?

COMMand economy!

How are the economies of Russia, United Kingdom and Germany alike?

They all have MIXED economies. All the places we've studied have mixed economies except for Cuba! (What type of economy does Cuba have?)

What keeps Russia from using their natural resources?

The ground is frozen (permafrost) and that makes it almost impossible to reach natural resources.

What is an effect of air pollution in the United Kingdom?

Air pollution can cause acid rain. Acid rain causes diseased forests all over Europe.

What is the biggest cause of acid rain in Europe?

Car exhausts and factory pollution.

Where did the Chernobyl disaster take place?

In Pripyat, UKRAINE, in the former Soviet Union

What was the Chernobyl disaster?

The Chernobyl nuclear weapons plant suffered a nuclear meltdown in 1986.

What were some of the effects of the Chernobyl disaster?

Contaminated land and water for at least 200 years, birth defects, cancer. People had to leave their homes never to return.

What is C.A.M.P.I.A.?

Cortes defeated the
Aztecs led by
Montezuma in Mexico
Pizarro defeated the
Inca led by
Atahualpa in the Andes (South America!)

Montezuma was:

Leader of the Aztecs in Mexico; defeated by Cortes

Aztecs were:

Natives of Mexico, led by Montezuma; defeated by Cortes

Hernan Cortes was:

Leader of the European explorers from Spain; defeated Montezuma and the Aztecs

Atahualpa was:

Leader of the Inca in South America; defeated by Pizarro

Inca were:

Natives of South America; led by Atahualpa; defeated by Pizarro

Francisco Pizzaro was:

Another European explorer; defeated Atahualpa and the Inca

Why were Cortes and Pizarro able to defeat the Aztecs and Inca?

The Europeans brought DISEASES that killed most of the native Americans. They also had guns, cannons, and horses and the natives did not.

What did the Spaniards introduce to the Americas that changed the way native Americans lived and fought in wars?


Why did the African slave trade grow in Latin America?

Plantation owners needed people to work on their farms and Native Americans were dying of disease; Africans were stronger and healthier.

Spain colonized many countries in Latin America. How is their influence still felt today?

By the mixed races (mulattoes, mestizos), the languages they speak, and the Catholic religion

Why is Latin America so diverse? (Diverse means lots of different kinds, different)

Because of the mixed races (mulattoes, mestizos)

Who was Toussaint L'Ouverture?

A former slave from Haiti that learned to read and write. He lead the Haitian independence movement.

What did Toussaint L'Ouverture do?

Fought for independence for HAITI
(Remember, L'Ouverture is a FRENCH name, and Haiti is the only French-speaking region we've studied in Latin America.)

What did Miguel Hidalgo do?

Fought for independence for MEXICO
Miguel = Mexico

What did Simon Bolivar do?

Fought for independence for South America
Bolivar = Bolivia = South America

What happened to Miguel Hidalgo?

He was executed by the Spaniards because he wanted them out of Mexico. 10 years after he was murdered, Mexico finally got its freedom.

This is THE LAST CARD which contains a reminder... STUDY YOUR MAP ON YOUR STUDY GUIDE!

Here is a good site: http://www.thatquiz.org/tq-k-z0/geography/America/

You need to be able to locate: Amazon River, Andes Mountains, Atacama Desert, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Pacific Ocean, Panama Canal, Sierra Madre Mountains, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Cuba, Haiti, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela

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