Schwiizertütsch: I de Chuchi

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to cook
Image: choche
to fry
Image: brötle
to steam
Image: dünschte
to bake
Image: bache
to deep fry
Image: fritiere
to mix
Image: mische
to stir to make it foamy
to beat until it's stiff
to cut into cubes
to peel
rüschteto prepare, to peelwäscheto washfiin schiibleto cut into fine slicesraffleto gratemixeto mix with a mixerde Teig chnätteto knead the doughd Pfannethe pand Schüsslethe bowld Brotpfannethe frying pand Plattethe dishde Tällerthe plated Tassethe mugs Tasslithe cupde Suppetällerthe soup plates Schälelithe small bowls Glasthe glasss Mässerthe knifed Gablethe forkde Suppelöffelthe soup spoons Löffelithe teaspoonde Dampfchochtopfthe pressure cooker

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