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Three ways drugs are classified

clinical indication
body system
chemical class

4 ways a drug can be named

Chemical name
Generic name
Official name
Brand name

Unit dose is measured based on

average 150 lb males

Question unit dose

when giving more than 3 or less than 1/2
when pt is under 150 lbs
when pt is over 150 lbs

Nurse Practice Acts for LPN

LPN's are only able to administer meds from an order..... It is a violation of the NPA to give meds without and order even TYLENOL or TUMS

Regulations of controlled substances

are controlled by the DEA, each shift 2 nurses must count the meds. Meds must be under lock and key, Nurse must always carry key on person

Stock supply

bulk qty kept in a central location

Disadvantage of stock supply

increase risk for med error

Unit dose systen

prescription amount of drug pt receives at a single time

Automated dispensing

computerized system, which is similar to unit dose system

Disadvantage of automated dispensing

can take meds from another part of system

Advantage of automated dispensing

save time in waiting on pharmacy

Intial dose

stronger dose of a medication, ie antibiotic, dejoxen, pain medicine

Maintence dose

keeps the blood level of a drug steady, amount of drug is therapeutic

Maximum dose

largest amount of medication, before the patient experiences toxicity

Average dose

the dose that is most effective, with least amount of side effects


smallest amount of medication that can effective

Divided dose

dividing medication breaking 24 hour dose in to smaller doses, to keep blood level steady


drug is at it's highest concentration


length of time med shows therapeutic levels


drug is at the lowest concentation

Amino glycozides

stronger antibiotics, adverse effects include damage to 8th cranial, which results is permanent hearing loss


damage to 8th cranial nerve, damage is permanent


is reversible, however it is damage to the kidneys

local effect medications

affects to a particular tissue or organ

vaginal medications
inhalers - lungs
topical creams

systemic effect

meds that targets a system, but goes through the blood stream and cardiac system


insulin, B12 replaces body fluids or a chemical needed for improved function


relieve signs and symptoms of a disease but have effect on the disease


tylenol, support the integrity of body functions until other meds become effective


antibiotics, destroy disease producing microorganisms


vitamins, return the body to or maintains body at optimal health

Adverse reactions Blood


Adverse reactions GI

n/v/d, indigestion, constipation, iron constipates, and darkens stool

Adverse reactions CNS

jitters, irritable, drowsy, decreased LOC

Adverse reactions on cardiovascular


Nephrotoxicty signs and symptoms

check I&O
less urine
fluid retention

BUN and creatinine will identify problems with the


Adverse reactions on Hepatic

jaundice, white stool, less bile

Adverse reactions on Renal

blood in urine, dark urine, no urine, aneuria and oliguria

Interventions for adverse reactions

document med
hold med

Anaplylactic reaction

swelling, difficulty breathing,hives

Cause of a anaphylatic reaction

is a severe allergic reaction

Common meds that cause anaphylaxsis


Factors that increase the risk for allergic reaction

family history

Advantage of the PO route

most common

PO is the longest form of


What effects absorptions of medicine




Pt with acid PH levels

dissolve meds quicker

Zero antacids 2 hour prior to

med admin

antacids cause


Disadvantages of of PO meds

pt can't swallow

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