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  1. The tragic murder of Kitty Genovese outside her New York Apartment stimulated social-psychological research on
  2. We are most likely to experience cognitive dissonance if we feel
  3. In a psychological experiment, the experimental factor that is manipulated by the investigator is called the _______ variable.
  4. At about 8 months, children become increasingly likely to react to newcomers with tears and distress. This best illustrates
  5. When exposed to a scent derived from me's sweat, gay and straight men responded differently in the area of the ________ that governs sexual arousal.
  1. a hypothalamus
  2. b altruism
  3. c independent
  4. d a great sense of responsibility for engaging in behaviors of which we personally disapprove.
  5. e stranger anxiety.

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  1. counterconditioning.
  2. the spillover effect.
  3. comply with a large request if one has previously complied with a small request.
  4. women's sexual interests are somewhat influenced by the phases of their menstrual cycles.
  5. random sampling.

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  1. Dogs strapped into a harness and given repeated and unavoidable shocks developedlearned helplessness.


  2. Two counterconditioning techniques for replacing unwanted responses includeaversive conditioning and exposure therapy.


  3. Ever since Lupe was scolded and punished by her teacher for misbehaving, she has been fearful of being near the teacher. This illustrates that feartalk in ways consistent with what the model says and act in ways consistent with what the model does.


  4. The placebo effect best illustrates the impact of ________ on feelings and behaviors.two-factor theory.


  5. The occipital lobes are to _______ as the temporal lobes are to _______.expressive behaviors, physiological arousal, and conscious experience.