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  1. We are most likely to experience cognitive dissonance if we feel
  2. In a psychological experiment, the experimental factor that is manipulated by the investigator is called the _______ variable.
  3. Stacey suggests that because children are more impulsive than adults, they will have more difficulty controlling their anger. stacey's prediction regarding anger management is an example of
  4. Research on the environmental conditions that influence sexual orientation indicates that
  5. When you question whether anecdotal evidence can be generalized to all people, you are applying
  1. a the reported backgrounds of homosexuals and heterosexuals are similar.
  2. b a hypothesis.
  3. c independent
  4. d a great sense of responsibility for engaging in behaviors of which we personally disapprove.
  5. e critical thinking.

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  1. cognitive therapies.
  2. mature and affluent.
  3. behavior modification
  4. aversive conditioning.
  5. the survey

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  1. A psychologist would have the greatest difficulty differentiating between anger and fear by monitoring the ___________ associated with each.have greater reproductive potential than do women.


  2. In Pavlov's experiments, the dog's salivation triggered by the taste of food was a(n)unconditioned response.


  3. Your roommate is conducting a survey to learn how many hours the typical student studies each day. She plans to pass out her questionnaire to the members of her sorority. You point out that her findings will be flawed becausethe sample will probably not be representative of the population of interest.


  4. The emotion of fear is sometimes accompanied by _______ that differ from those that accompany rage.hormone secretions and finger temperatures


  5. Our ability to learn by witnessing the behavior of others best illustratesobservational learning.


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