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3 Branches of the US Government Ch. 9

Executive Branch
Article 2
Parts of the Branch
Vice President
Cabinet (Advisors)
Term length of office
4 years (10 max)
Requirements for office
* 35 years old
* Resident for 14 years
* Be a Natural-Born Citizen
Main Purpose of the Branch
Enforce Laws
Some Powers of the branch
* Make treaties
* Veto laws of Congress
* Nominate Supreme Court Justices
* Pardon Criminals
Legislative Branch
Article 1
A. House of Representatives
B. Senate
House of Representatives
Term length of office- 2 years
Requirements for office-
* 25 years old
* Citizen for 7 years
Term length of office- 6 years
Requirements for office-
* 30 years old
*Citizen for 9 years
Main purpose of the branch
Make laws
Powers of Congress as a whole:
* Declare war
* Amend the constitution
* Print and coin money
* Use the Elastic Cause to do things not listed in the constitution
Powers of the House of Representatives
* Impeach President
Powers of Senate
* Approve Supreme Court nominations
Judicial Branch
Article 3
Parts of the Branch
Federal Courts:
Supreme Court
Appellate Courts
District Courts
Term length of office
Requirements for office
* None
Main purpose of the branch
Interpret laws
Some powers of the branch
* Supreme Court hears cases about states and ambassadors.
* Can choose which cases to hear.
* Appellate Court hears appeals.
Checks and Balances
A system limiting the power of any one branch