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  1. This differentiates into ameloblastss that form enamel matrix
  2. During tooth development, the cervical loop is ___?
  3. DIAGRAM: of the frontal, orbital, nasal, infraorbital and zygomatic
  4. The left side common carotid, and subclavian drain into what area?
  5. This wraps around the mandibular condyle and the condyle's neck
  1. a Inner enamel epithelum
  2. b The cervical loop is the location on an enamel organ in a developing tooth where the outer enamel epithelium and the inner enamel epithelium join.
  3. c
  4. d Inferior Joint capsule
  5. e aorta

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  1. masticatory
  2. Mucogingival line
  3. Frontal Process
  4. enamel organ, dental papilla, dental sac
  5. The deep portion of the submandibular gland

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  1. This forms the base of the tongueLateral


  2. What is Elevation?Raising of the lower jaw


  3. The submandibular gland's duct is called?Wharton's Duct


  4. The parotid gland's duct is called?Wharton's Duct


  5. The submandibular gland provides __ % of salivaWharton's Duct


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