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  1. processes that take place in the bell stage (3)
  2. initiation involves ___ which is an interaction between mesencyme and ectoderm
  3. Which of these is located on the dorsal surface of the tongue?
  4. What is not drained by the facial vein?
  5. Oral tissue contains what?
  1. a Minor salivary glands
  2. b Median Lingual Sulcus
  3. c Upper lip, Lower lip, Submental, lateral
  4. d induction
  5. e proliferation, differrentiation, morphogenisis

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  1. Temporal bone
  2. Somites
  3. Visceral or Pharyngeal
  4. Raising of the lower jaw
  5. Mucogingival line

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  1. The joint capsule completely surrounds the ___?TMJ


  2. ...2nd week to 8th week: major organs are developed


  3. What does the golgi process do?Its function is to package nutrients Mainly proteins and lipids (usually processed by lysosomes) and transport them to other parts of the cell.


  4. Which muscle causes the mandible to deviate to one side?temporalis


  5. Saliva reduction with dry mouth is?enamel organ, dental papilla, dental sac