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  1. The mandible articulates with what bone at the TMJ?
  2. What are the two layers of the lamina propria?
  3. These are the outer cells of dental papilla induced by preameloblast
  4. processes that take place in the bell stage (3)
  5. What are the branches of the facial artery?
  1. a Temporal bone
  2. b odontoblasts
  3. c Ascending palatine, submental, inferior labial, superior labial, angular artery
  4. d proliferation, differrentiation, morphogenisis
  5. e Basal lamina and submucosa // a thin layer of loose connective tissue which lies beneath the epithelium and together with the epithelium constitutes the mucosa.

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  1. 60-65% of saliva 2nd largest gland
  2. inintiation, bud, cap, bell, apposition, maturation
  3. mitochondria
  4. Lateral
  5. outer enamel epithelium, inner enamel epithelium, stellate reticulum, stratum intermedium

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  1. This will produce cementum, the periodontal ligament, and avleolar boneEnamel organ


  2. What layer do the epiblast cells give rise to?Its function is to package nutrients Mainly proteins and lipids (usually processed by lysosomes) and transport them to other parts of the cell.


  3. The parotid gland's duct is called?Stensons Duct


  4. What stage of tooth development does the inner enamel epithelium and outer enamel epithelium appear?Anterior, medial, posterior and terminal


  5. The fan shape on the temporal bone is?when enamel is laid down incrementously and shows lines each time, like growth lines, indicates when enamel has been deposited in small increments, (ie-imbrication lines)