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  1. formed from the Maxillary process, they separate the Oral & Nasal Cavity
  2. Lasts from the 3rd wk to the 8th wk, starts the day after Implantation & continues to the 8th wk the main organs are established & Gastrolation occurs
  3. The mandible articulates with what bone at the TMJ?
  4. stages of tooth development
  5. Saliva reduction with dry mouth is?
  1. a Temporal bone
  2. b inintiation, bud, cap, bell, apposition, maturation
  3. c Maxillary Process
  4. d xerostomia
  5. e Embryonic

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  1. Superior Joint Capsule
  2. Epidermal thickenings that extend downward between dermal papillae.
  3. Wharton's Duct
  4. Fetal Period
  5. Bilateral contraction of the lateral pterygoid muscles

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  1. What is subluxation?if a baby is born with three #21 chromosomes, rather than the usual pair, the baby would be said to have "trisomy 21." Trisomy 21 is also known as Down syndrome.


  2. The 5th branchial arch is poorly defined and rudimentaryTrue


  3. What encloses the dental papilla tissue?hertwigs epithelial root sheath


  4. The basal layer of the oral muscoa generally has __?ectoderm


  5. What are the two layers of the lamina propria?Ascending palatine, submental, inferior labial, superior labial, angular artery