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  1. What is retraction of the lower jaw?
  2. This is the stage when the dentin, enamel, & cementum are secreted in successive layers
  3. Oral regions are drained by the
  4. The fan shape on the temporal bone is?
  5. What is Elevation?
  1. a Ondontogenisis
  2. b temporalis
  3. c Raising of the lower jaw
  4. d Posterior portion of the temporal muscle
  5. e facial vein

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  1. Orbital apex
  2. Pre-embryonic
  3. Sublingual
  4. soft palate
  5. Maxillary Process

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  1. What is the location of the parathyroid muscle?On either side of the thyroid gland


  2. Name a landmark on the mandible?Foramen Magnum


  3. DIAGRAM: of the frontal, orbital, nasal, infraorbital and zygomatic


  4. initiation involves ___ which is an interaction between mesencyme and ectoderminduction


  5. What week does oral epithelium grow?7th week