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  1. This wraps around the mandibular condyle and the condyle's neck
  2. How many pairs of branchial arches are in a human embryo?
  3. Condyle
  4. What is Tomes process?
  5. What is the area posterior to the distal tooth in the upper arch?
  1. a 6 pairs
  2. b Inferior Joint capsule
  3. c The back prominence of the mandible
  4. d the part of the ameloblast that lays down enamel
  5. e Maxillary Tuberosity

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  1. 7th week
  2. hertwigs epithelial root sheath
  3. ectoderm
  4. fertilization to 2 weeks after fertillization
  5. Omohyoid Muscle

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  1. What is not drained by the facial vein?Bilateral contraction of the lateral pterygoid muscles


  2. The highway system for the cell?mitochondria


  3. Which of the following is NOT considered a connective tissue?Median Lingual Sulcus


  4. During the first week of devlopment, what is the first stage of division?Median Lingual Sulcus


  5. Articulation of the maxilla?The maxilla articulates with nine bones:
    two of the cranium: the frontal and ethmoid
    seven of the face: the nasal, zygomatic, lacrimal, inferior nasal concha, palatine, vomer, and the adjacent fused maxillary bone. Sometimes it articulates with the orbital surface, and sometimes with the lateral pterygoid plate of the sphenoid