48 terms

mid term

Identify the nucleus
Identify the arrector pili muscle
identify the upper quadrant
epigastric region
hyaline cartilage
the brain is _________to the lungs
Identify the mitochondria
the sebaceous gland
Identify the right hypochondriac region
good bye top part here comes the thumb
greater trochanter
medial malleolus of the tibia
iris diaphram
..., Controls the amount of light that passes through the slide
4x magnanification pluss the eyepice at 10 times =
during __________ the sister chromatids are pulled to opposite poles
during ___________chromosomes line up along the midline
skeletal muscle
biceps femoris on fetal pig
latissimus dorsi muscle
hypertonic solution
will have more solutes then the solution it is being compaired to , solution that causes a cell to shrink because of osmosis
kidney tubles
simple cuboidal epithelium
stratified squamous epithelium
simple squamous epithelium
contains a single layer of flat cells; found in the body where filtration (kidney) or diffusion (lungs) are priority processes
olecranon fossa
styloid process
head of the radius
gomphosis joint
tooth to socket
myohyoid on fetal pig
the triad consists of
2 terminal cisternae and 1 transverse tubule
sarcoplasmic reticulum
foramen magnum
styloid process
nasal bone
mental foramen
biceps brachii
crista galli
foramen ovale
rectus femoris
vastus laterallis
orbicularis oris
body fluids like blood and semen are usaly closer to what PH reading do body fluids like blood stat close too

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