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Final Exam Units 3,4,5,16,10,12

Which of the following is a prefix?


Which of the following is a word root


The term for above the kidney


Macro is a ..


in 'thermmometer "meter" is


which word part provides the general meaning of the word?

word root

toward the head or above the structure


In order to realize all the benefits of electronic health records, which of the following represents a common
medical language that allows data to be shared?

Classifications and Terminiologies

Which of the following utilizes a computer technology that allows physicians to use handheld or personal
computer devices to access drug and formularies and transmit prescriptions to a printer or local


The term used to describe the mobilization of healthcare information electronically across organizations
within a region, community or hospital systems is:

HIE Health Information Exchange

The purpose of providing guidelines to health professionals and hospitals on how to adopt and use
electronic health record technology is to improve the

quality , safety, and effieciency

Which of the following agencies is responsible for oversight of the HITECH initiatives to promote
meaningful use of electronic health records?


Which is NOT a goal of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act?

Improve Access to healthcare in rural areas

Following the five rights of information management ensures that

clinicians always have the information they need to make a decision regarding patient care.

Which of the following is NOT true about the paper medical record?

Those accessing can be easily tracked

"An electronic record of patient health information containing care received in all health facilities" is the
definition of


A friend of a patient asks the nurse if the patient is HIV positive. If the nurse provides this information,
what is he or she guilty of?


Access codes, passwords, and key cards are examples of:


Which of the following best describes a firewall?

Hardware and software that forms a barrier between systems or parts of systems

You are asked to select the type of type of computer network that best suits your organizational needs.
What factors should you take consideration when making this choice?

Purpose of system, type of hardware, type of organization
Budget, type of information sytem, purpose of system
End user work flow, purpose of system, available infrastructure
All of the above

Which of the following is true about a standardized healthcare language?

It facilitates the measure of patient outcomes.

Health Language 7 (HL7. is an information model that is used to help systems

share information between information systems.

Which of the following supports the development of electronic health records across the lifespan?

Standardized healthcare languages

CDS Systems are designed to..

Assist the clinician in making decisions

Which of the following activities supports global healthcare networking?

interoperable clinical information systems

A computer is:

A system with a processor, memory, storage, keyboard, mouse and monitor.
A person who computes.
An electronic programmable device that inputs, processes and outputs data.
An electronic device that is embedded in objects and that controls the object based on certain inputs.
All of the above.

Which of the following are example(s) of personal computers? Select all that


Which of the following is an input device for a personal computer?


Where are programs stored when they are running?


What is the most important software that runs on your computer?


Which of the following are important factors to consider when selecting a computer?

Storage needs
Application requirements
Type of user
Mobility needs
All of the above

Where can you find up to date information about current computing systems?

Recent online reviews
Current issues of computer magazines

What was the oldest tool used for counting and calculations?

Tally Stick

What technology was used in the first general purpose electronic computers?

Mechanical gears

When was the World Wide Web first developed?


What was the first personal computer?


What was the first use of electronic medical records?

Storing dental records

All computers have a keyboard, mouse and monitor.


Dishwasher has an embedded computer?


Speakers are an example of a computer output device.


Solid state drives are now being used on some laptops because solid state drives
have moving parts and generate more heat than traditional hard disk drives.


Personal computers were first developed in the 1970s.


The ____ is a global system of computer networks that communicate using TCP/IP
and is a large network made up of many smaller networks.


The Internet began because ____.

the U. S. government wanted to be able to communicate, even in the
event of a nuclear attack

In 1995 it is estimated that ____ people were using the Internet.


The ____ is a collection of interconnected documents and other resources, linked by
hyperlinks and URLs.

World Wide Web

The WWW was created in ____ by Dr. Tim Berners-Lee and others with the
introduction of the Web browser and Web page coding.


A(n) ____ is a software program that lets a user use Web server resources over the


A browser uses ____ to communicate with Web servers.


A Web server sends ____ back to the browser, which translates it for display on a


HTML is a(n) ____.

Web page programming language

HTTP is a(n) ____.

Internet protocol used to communicate with Web servers

The Internet is owned by ____.


What is required for a device to communicate over the Internet?

An IP address and subnet mask.

Select a valid IP address and subnet mask from below: and

The Domain Naming System maps a(n) ____ to a domain name.

IP address

A domain name is a(n) ____ that defines a realm of authority on the Internet, based
on the DNS.

Identification label

The slowest type of Internet connection is the ____ connection type.


The global standard governing wireless technologies is the ____ standard.


Home networks usually connect to the Internet through the use of the services
provided by a(n) ____.


A typical home network connecting to the Internet uses ____ IP addressing

public and private

An IP address that that may change when you reboot your cable modem router is
referred to as a(n) ____ address.


Search engines search ____ using a proprietary algorithm.

web pages

A(n) ____ is a set of instructions set out logically to solve a problem.


How does a search engine provide you with a result set?

Searches its indexed data based on your search criteria.

A(n) ____ is also known as a query.

search phrase

Examples of Boolean operators include the terms ____.

NOT, AND, or

You search the Web using the term health and informatics not education. What
result below best matches your search?

Health Informatics

What does it mean when a Web site is at the top of a search results list?

Keywords on that site best matched the search terms used.

A router is a device that ____.

sends traffic from a private network to the Internet
sends traffic from the Internet to a private network

Installing ____ updates is important to securing your operating system from attack.


Antivirus software works by recognizing ____ and stopping those things from causing
harm to your computer.

patterns of bad behavior

What is the preferred method to use when closing a suspicious Web site popup

alt +F4

____ permit(s) or deny a computer the ability to connect to another computer.


Some experts recommend ____ first party, ____ third party, and ____ session cookies.

accepting, rejecting, allowing

A complex password should include at least ____ characters.


____ permit you to determine who uses your computer

User Accounts

You receive an e-mail without an attachment. The e-mail subject line reads "Bank
login required as soon as possible". What type of e-mail did you receive?


One big difference between a virus and a worm is that the virus ____.

usually cannot replicate itself

Macro viruses are usually associated with ____ files.

Microsoft Office files

You receive an e-mail with the subject line "Win a prize by forwarding this email"
and you decide not to forward this to your friends and family. Why did you take this
course of action?


Another student informs you that you can purchase a completed research paper
online and avoid doing the work yourself. This is an example of ____.


Another student informs you that you can purchase software online and avoid
paying the full retail price. This is an example of ____.

pirating intellectual property

Privacy is to ____ as confidentiality is to ____.

people, data

HIPAA requires that health care providers, insurance companies, and employers

abide by privacy and security standards

One difference between PHRs and EHRs is that PHRs are ____.

generally maintained by individuals

Patient medical records should be send electronically in a(n) ____ format.


According to HIPAA rules, who can view your medical information without a signed

Primary care physician

The hospital reports that a patient arrived at the hospital with a bullet injury. Can
the hospital be forced to reveal this patient's medical records?


The main function of a computer is to ____.

Execute Instructions

The motherboard is made up of circuitry and thousands of copper wires known as


The motherboard contains ____ slots, into which device expansion cards are inserted.


Today's computers connect the mouse and keyboard via a(n) ____ slot.


The ____ monitor port replaces the VGA port in today's computer systems.


A serial port, also known as a ____ port, can be used to connect to and manage a
network device.


Hard disk storage is known as ____ storage.


The operating system is stored ____.

n RAM when the computer is running
on the hard disk

What is a CT scan?

An x-ray, using specialized equipment, that takes cross-sectional pictures of the body.

What is a PET scan?

A nuclear medicine imaging device that produces a 3-D image.

What is an MRI?

Magnetic imaging equipment that uses a radio frequency pulse to create an image.

A binary digit value of one (1) indicates that electricity is ____.


In the binary number "01011010", the rightmost value of "0" is a placeholder for ____.

2 0

1024 bytes x 1024 x 1024 = ____.

1 GB

Microsoft Word, running on a computer, is an example of a(n) ____.


How does data differ from information?

Data has no meaning on its own merit.

Roughly how much storage does a chest x-ray require?


There are two types of software: application and _________ software.


Which of the following is NOT a form of software that is free?


Which of the following is NOT an example of word processing software?

Open office Impress

Select all of the following that are examples of communications applications

Web browsers

Select all of the following that are examples of healthcare software.

EHRs and EMRs
Health Information Systems

Which of the following is NOT true about an operating system?

There is only one operating system available for all computers.

A ________ interface is one where the user types in all the commands.

Command Line

When do you need a new device driver? Select all of the following that are reasons
you might need a new driver.

You install a new printer.
You do a major upgrade of your OS.
You buy a new computer and want to use your old printer.
Your driver was corrupted

You buy a new computer and want to use your old printer.
Your driver was corrupted

Virtual Memory

What is the latest version of Microsoft Windows OS?

Windows 7

A(n) ________ is a way of organizing files and their data.

File System

The file _______ can be used to identify the file type.


Which of the following are examples of file utilities? Select all that apply.

File compression

When a hard disk drive is being accessed, the _______ spins and the _____ moves until
the head is over the proper location on the disk.

Platter , Arm

Disks are formatted into _____, which make up tracks.


Files that are stored in non-contiguous clusters are called __________ files.


Which of the following operating systems support the NTFS file system? Select all
that apply.

Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows XP

The code used in an application is the same as the database.


The device driver for your printer will probably need to be updated when you do a
major upgrade of your operating system.


Programming languages have __________ , just like natural languages.


Algorithms are written using _________________.


___________ is an example of a third generation programming language.


The C programming language uses the _____________ programming paradigm.


The ________________ programming language is an example of a compiled language.


_______________ are programming constructs that store data.


The _________ data type in Java is used for storing whole numbers


Which of the following operators is the OR operator in Java?


_________________ are simple data structures that store multiple pieces of data


In Object Oriented Programming, __________ and ___________ are stored together.

data, methods

___________________ provides information hiding in Object Oriented Programming.


Algorithms are a sequence of steps that describe how a task is performed.


Machine code includes English words for basic computer commands.


SQL is an example of a third generation programming language.


Assembly language is unique to a particular type of computer.


LISP is a programming language that follows the functional paradigm.


Perl is a scripting language developed for web browsers.


MIIS is a language that was developed for healthcare applications.


A computer program that is compiled must be compiled separately for each different


Java uses a hybrid approach of compiling and interpreting.


A variable's value cannot be changed.


In Java, variable declarations do not have to include data types.


The equal sign is the assignment operator in Java.


In expression evaluation, multiplication has higher precedence than subtraction


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