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Religion Midterm

Can we prove the existence of God by reason alone?
Prove the existence of God using Aristotle's five-step proof.
see Aristotle worksheet
Can we understand the mystery of the Trinity by reason alone?
What do Christians believe about the Trinity—who is included? What about their equality? Who is God?
The trinity is 3 persons in one God, God the Father, God the Son, and God the H.S. All 3 of them are equal
What do we mean by the term "hypostatic union" and to what does it refer?
Hypostatic union is the union of two natures in one person- it refers to the Jesus, who is Divine and human
What does the word "consubstantial" mean?
equal in nature
What do we mean when we speak of the transcendence of God?
God's surpassing excellence (there you peter)
What is a monotheist?
someone who believes in one God
What do Christians believe Jesus Christ is? Knowing what his name means will help answer this question.
We believe that Jesus is the Son of God and is our Savior. He name means "God Saves"
What do we believe about Jesus' divine and human natures? Was he fully God? Was he fully man, and if so, did he have emotions, an intellect, and a will?
Jesus was true God and true man. He was divine and human, fully God, fully Man and he had a human intellect and will and a divine intellect and will
What is the difference between "person" and "nature" and how does this apply to Jesus?
A person is who someone is and a nature is what someone is
Describe the intellect and will of Jesus.
Jesus had both a human intellect and will and a divine intellect and will
What do we mean by Jesus' "hidden life" and his "public ministry"?
His hidden life was his life from ages 12-30 and his public ministry started at age 30...
What do we mean when we say Jesus "descended into hell"?
he went to get the good people (Abraham, Moses, Joseph) who were waiting in Hell (Heaven wasn't open to them yet) and he brought them to Heaven
What do Christians believe about the Holy Spirit? Is he God and equal to the Father and Son?
The H.S. is the 3rd Person in the B.T. He is God and is equal to all of them
What did the Arian heresy believe about Jesus? What is a heresy?
Arianism believed that Jesus was not a God but a holy man chosen by God. A heresy is a false teaching
What is the Incarnation?
The incarnation is God becoming Man
What does it mean to say that we have a "Triune God"?
It means we 3 persons in one God "3 in 1"
What fact about the Trinity can impact your entire life, even when you feel like your world has been shattered and you feel lost and alone? Explain.
The Trinity/God will always love you no matter what you do
Why did the Trinity create us?
They created us out of love. They did not need us, which is what makes it so special
What is the symbolism of the Trinity icon, who painted it, when was it painted, and what does it depict?
Andrei Rublev made it in 1410 a.d., it depicts 3 visitors of Abraham at the Oak, and it symbolizes the Blessed Trinity
Does it make sense to say that God does not exist? Why or why not?
No, because something had to have created everything; there must have been an "unmoved mover"
What are a person's three possible destinations at the moment of death?
Heaven, hell, purgatory
What do Catholics believe about Purgatory? Is it a permanent state and what is its purpose?
Purgatory is a process of purification before you go to Heaven. It is not permanent and it purifies us
Explain the difference between particular and general judgment.
Particular judgement is the judgement made when we die, general judgement is the judgement made at the end of the world
What is hell and how do souls end up there? What is the worst thing about it?
Hell is eternal separation from God. It is forever and there is no love there
What can we expect about heaven? What awaits us there?
We can expect supreme happiness forever and the Blessed Trinity awaits us
What is death?
The end of our life on Earth
What is the particular judgment?
The judgement made when we die
What is the general judgment?
the judgement at the end of the world
What is purgatory?
A process or state of final purification before we go to Heaven
What is heaven?
Life w/ God and The B.T. forever
What is hell?
Eternal separation from God
What is the beatific vision?
The direct face-to-face communication with God in Heaven
What is the communion of saints?
the unity and cooperation of the members of the Church on earth and in Heaven
Who decides where we go after we die?
We do
What will happen to our bodies at the end of the world (the second coming)?
They are reunited with our souls
What did John the Baptist call Jesus when he recognized him?
The Lamb of God
What does the name Jesus mean?
God saves
What is the term for the unity of divinity with humanity in Jesus?
The Incarnation
In John's Gospel, the Word is the name for which Person of the Blessed Trinity?
At the time of Jesus, which group of people ruled over Palestine?
the Romans
What is the fullest expression and revelation of God?
Jesus grew up in what town?
John the Baptist recognized Jesus when he came to be baptized in what River?
The Jordan River
What does the Greek word "Christos" mean?
Christ, Messiah
When did Jesus show his divinity to Peter, James, and John?
The Transfiguration
What does the word salvation mean?
to heal
What is the highest form of worship we can offer to God?
a sacrifice
What is the work of the Savior?
bringing salvation to the world
What was the goal of Jesus' life?
to restore the relationship between God and Man
What is a gift offered to God by a priest and destroyed in some way to show that it belongs to God alone?
a sacrifice
What was the celebration of Israel's "passing over" from slavery in Egypt to freedom and from death to life?
The Passover
What was the name for the unblemished lamb that was offered at Passover, and is now also a title for Jesus because he saved us from our sins at his crucifixion?
The Paschal Lamb
What is the term for a promise or relationship between God and his people?
a covenant
What is a title for Jesus that describes how he saves us from our sins?
Who is the only person to appear in all four gospel accounts as a primary witness to Christ's resurrection?
Mary Magdelene
Who did not believe in the resurrection until he touched Christ's wounds?
What is the term we use to describe Christ's return to the Father?.
The Ascension
At his ascension, where was Jesus was enthroned?
He was enthroned at the right hand of the Father
How many of the apostles deserted Jesus when he was crucified?
all but one, John
What do the letters INRI stand for on the crucifix?
Jesus, King of the Jews
Who said, "Behold, the kingdom of God is among you"?
Catholics believe that the Church on earth is the beginning of what?
The Kingdom of God
When was Jesus victorious over sin and death?
at the Resurrection
Just as we were once dead in sin, we rise to new life with Christ in what sacrament?
At the heart of Jesus' teaching is his concern for the fulfillment of what?
his Father's will
What is the term for the passion, death, resurrection, and ascension of Christ?
the paschal mystery
What is the term for God's personal care and concern for each of His creatures?
God's providence
What was the state of original justice? Describe it.
The state of original justice is the state that Adam and Eve were created at the beginning of the world
What was the fourfold communion? Describe it.
the loving relationship between God and man at the beginning of the world
1. Man was in communion with eachother
2. man was in communion with God
3. Man was in communion with the created world
4. man was in communion with themselves
What is the definition of a sin?
A purposeful rejection of God
What is sanctifying grace?
the participation of the very life of God that brings us to a personal relationship with him
What are the effects of original sin?
our minds are darkened, our wills are weakened, our bodies are rebellious, we suffer and die
What was "the Fall" of mankind? What happened?
Adam and Eve chose to to sin against God; the first sin.
What was the "Fall" of the angels? What happened?
The Angels chose to reject God and believe they were better than him
7Explain why we can't use our freedom to go against reality.
Freedom is the ability to know the truth and to chose the good If were are not doing this then we aren't really free
What is the definition of true love?
wanting what is best for the other person
Explain where evil came from.
the fall of the angels
What is the definition of evil, and what is the most evil being that could ever exist?
The absence ofgood that should be there, Satan
What is the definition of theological anthropology?
the study of Man in the light of God and his revelation
What is the definition of Revelation?
God showing himself to us
We were made to _______________ and be _____________________. We are all called to be _______________. We were made as _____________________ of God.
love, loved, saints, images
What is our power to know the truth?
What is our power to choose the good?
What is freedom?
to know the truth and to choose the good
What does it mean to be in the state of grace?
to not have a mortal sin on our soul
How does the entrance of sin into the world break the 4-Fold Communion?
the lack of trust disrupts the union
List all the mysteries of the Rosary in order and describe each mystery.
it too long to type, so do it yourself.
How do you pray the Rosary? What prayers do you pray on each bead?
We pray it with 20 mysteries represented by beads. 5 decades; 10 Hail Marys per decade. ! Our Father/Glory Be per decade
What days do you pray each mystery and why that particular day?
use notes, too long to type
What is the history of the rosary? How did it develop?
it was developed by monks in 800 a.d., in the 13th century Mary gave Saint Dominic the order to pray the Rosary. In 2003, Pope JP2 installed the Luminous Mysteries
What are some things you can do to help yourself stay focused when you are praying the rosary?
focus on the meaning of the words and meditate
How long is the Advent season and when does it start?
4 weeks, the last sunday of November
What does the word "advent" mean and why is that the name of this season?
"To come" We are preparing for Jesus's coming
What do we mean when we say that Advent is a penitential season, and why is that?
It is a season of penance of repentance, we are preparing for Jesus and performing good deeds
What should we be doing during Advent?
Praying and performing personal acts of sacrifice
What is the liturgical color of the Advent Season and why?
Purple, for penance
What is "Gaudete Sunday"? What is the color of this Sunday, and why is it that color?
The 3rd Sunday in Advent, Rose (pink), for joy
What are the O, Antiphons? (you need to know what they are, do not list all of them)
Invocations beginning on Dec. 17
What is a Jesse Tree
a symbolic tree showing the family of "Jesse" Father of David. filled with symbols regarding Jesus's family
What is a Chrismon Tree?
a tree filld with symbols of Christ
What are the symbols of the Christmas season and what are their Christian meanings?
i ain't typing all this do it yourself
What are the 12 days of Christmas?
i ain't typing all this do it yourself
What are the symbols from the 12 days of Christmas song?
i ain't typing all this do it yourself