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Chapter 16-Evidence of Evolution

Chapter 16 Test
The forelimbs of early mammals were similar in all features except
Fossils found in the lowest geological strata are generally the most
Scientist began to question the perfection of the Chain of Being because of
all of the choice
The study of the patterns in the distribution of plants and animals around the world is
George Cuvier was a strong component of the theory of
The theory of catastrophism
held that after a series of massive extinctions, the world was repopulated by survivors of existing species
There is no convincing fossil evidence for which of the following
Which of the following states is not true concerning Lamarck's theory of inheritance of acquired characteristics?
Nature selects the best adapted individuals to survive and reproduce
Darwin's mentor, who arranged for Darwin's position on HMS Beagle was
John Henslow
The place Darwin visited on his trip around the world that had the greatest impact on his thinking was
The Galapagos Islands
Darwin was influenced by which of the following concepts attributed to Charles Lyell?
The geological forces in Earth's history show predictable uniformity.
In Argentina, Darwin noted the similarity of fossils of glyptodonts to modern
According to Darwin, natural selection is based on the ____ found in populations
Thomas Malthus propsed that
The population multiplied faster than the food supply
The person credited with being the codiscoverer of the theory of natural selection was
Alfred Wallace
The feature of Darwin's finches that underwent modification was the
Which of the follow was not one of Darwin's observations?
Most individuals have an equal chance to survive and reproduce
The idea that fossils were the remnants of ancient forms of life was developed because
all of these.
The fossil record is incomplete because
all of these
Fossils would include
all of these
Which of the following organisms would you expect to find preserved as a fossil?
a shelled arthropod such as a trilobite
which of the following habitats is most likely to be rich in fossils?
bed of former shallow sea
Radiometric dating of the most ancient fossils uses the
ratio of uranium to lead in volcanic rock found with the fossils
Life probably originated during which geological time?
The large land mass that contained all the continents was called
Plate tectonic theory is based on
the movement of Earth's crust
Which of the following was not originally part of Gondwana?
North America
The convergence in external morphology of sharks, penguins, and porpoises is attributed to
selection pressures that are common to these groups
Which of the following serve as examples of morphological convergence?
sharks, penguins, and porpoises
Possible evolutionary relationships, when determined solely by the study of comparative morphology, may be incorrect due to
morphological convergence
The wings of a bird and the wings of a butterfly are ___ and show morphological _____
analogous; convergence
Which of the following would be considered more primitive based upon the structure of their limbs?
early reptiles
The study of early life stages has revealed the conservative nature of the genes responsible for
embryonic development
What gene controls the expressions of the D1x gene in vertebrates?
Comparisions of protein similarity between species can reveal the degree of genetic kinship because
specific amino acids are dictated by known nucleotide sequences
Nucleic acid hybridization studies
measure the amount of hear necessary to separate two single stands of DNA that have allowed to fuse together
The most conclusive evidence used in establishing the relationship of closely related species is
nuclic acid sequencing
Which of the following is not a useful indicator of phylogenetic relatedness?
similar ecological requirements
Which mutations are not subject to natural selection?
Neutral mutations
are not subject to selection
Neutral mutations
allow the time of divergence between different forms to be pinpointed
The concept of a molecular clock is based on the idea that
neutral mutations occur at regular rates
Which of the following groups represents the most closely related organisms?
Which of the following is written correctly?
Felis domestica
Cladistics uses which of the following to group organisms?
derived characteristics
Which of the following eukaryotic kingdoms is not monophyletic and may soon be split into several kingdoms?