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________ is the name of the process by which water vapor enters the
atmosphere during the water cycle.


Relative humidity can be measured with a(an) _____________.

cooling of the air & the presence of particles in the air

. Two conditions are required for cloud formation are __________ and____________.

cirrus clouds

Very high feathery clouds are called ________________.

5 centimeters

On average, a snowfall of 50 centimeters would equal a rainfall of ________.

continental, polar

Cold, dry air affecting the northern United States in winter often comes from ___ _______ air masses.

dry and clear

Weather associated with an anticyclone is generally ______________.

wind speed

Small lines at the end of the shaft that represents wind direction on a weather map indicate _______________.

balloons & Satellites

The collecting of weather data in the last 40 years has been improved mostly by ____________.

high winds

The most dangerous aspect of a snowstorm is often the __________.

flash floods

Sudden, violent floods that occur shortly after a storm are called _________________.

high winds & low pressure

A hurricane's storm surge is caused by a combination of _________ and_____.


A long period of scarce rainfall or dry weather called a _____________ may result in a shortage of water.


On newspaper weather maps, colors are often used to indicate ____________________ ranges for different areas.


Storms that form within large cumulonimbus clouds and produce rain and lightning are called ____________________.

warm front

At a ______, warm air meets and moves over cold air.


The low air pressure of _______ is often associated with storms and precipitation.

falling air pressure

Rain or snow usually is associated with ____________ .


The boundary where unlike air masses meet but do not easily mix is called a(n) _______.


_________ form in the same kind of cloud as thunderstorms

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