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Aprox. what % of earth's surface is exposed above sea level?

29 percent

Ifyou wanted to avoid earthquakes, which of the following areas would be the safest to live?


Which of the following is incorrectly matched?

shearing- stretching or faulting

A brittle rock is likely to respond to stress by _____, whereas a ductile rock is likely to respond by _______.

breaking; bending

Folded layers of rock can form a wavelike pattern of troughs and crests. The layers near the trough form

an anticline.

Folded layers of rock can form a wavelike pattern of troughs and crests. The layers near the crest form

a syncline.

High mountains consisting of tightly folded and overthrust sedimentary rock layers, as well as metamorphic rocks, are formed

during plate collisions ex) Himalian mountains

Which of the following is a cuse of warping?

isostatic adjustment

Fault types are defined by

the relative motion of the hanging wall and footwall.

Tensional stress along a fauly can result in a dropped hanging-wall block relative to the footwall side, producing a

normal fault.

Normal faults are associated with

tensional forces.

Compressional stress along a fault can result in a dropped footwall block relative to the hanging-wall side, producing a

reverse fault

The San Andreas system in California is an example of

all of the above- strike-slip fault, right-lateral fault, transform fault,

Peope often say that CA is going to "fall into the ocean". This idea is totally wrong because the San Andreas fault would have to be a _____ fault associated with ____ forces for this to happen.

normal; tension

The Basin and Range Province in the western U.S. is a result of ____ faulting produced by _____ forces.

normal; tensional

Orogenesis refers to

a general term for the beginning of a mountain-building episode that thickens continental crust.

Which of the following can lead to the formation of mountains?

all of the above

The motion of seismic waves is initiated in a subsurface location along the fault plane called the


The area at the surface directly above the subsurface location where seismic waves are iniated is termed the


An instrument used to record vibrations in the crust is the


The most active tectonic regions of North and South America are on the

western coasts

The greatest loss of human life (250,000) this century resulted from which earthquake event?

Tangshan, China, 1976

The North Anatolian fault in Turkey and the San Andreas fault in California are

right- lateral, strike slip, transfrom faults

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