12 terms

12 Verb Tenses (Grays need to know)

Grays need to know these
happening right now
happened previously
will happen in the future
Present perfect
(pres per)
have or has + past participle
(have jumped, has talked)
Past Perfect
(past per)
had + past participle
(had jumped)
Future Perfect
(f per)
will have or shall have + past participle
(will have jumped, shall have jumped
Present Progressive
(pres per)
is, are, or am + present participle
(am jumping, is talking, are eating)
Past Progressive
(past prog)
was or were + present participle
(was jumping, were talking)
Future Progressive
(f prog)
will be or shall be + present participle
(will be jumping, shall be talking)
Present Perfect Progressive
(pres per prog)
have or has + been + present participle
(have been jumping, has been talking)
Past Perfect Progressive
(past per prog)
had + been + present participle
(had been jumping)
Future Perfect Progressive
(f per prog)
will have or shall have + been + present participle
(will have been jumping, shall have been talking)