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  1. NADPH
  2. Citric Acid Cycle
  3. Fermentation
  4. Glycolysis
  5. Chloroplast
  1. a A membrane-bound organelle that is the site of photosynthesis within the cell. It is located in all eukaryotic plant cells.
  2. b Products are NADH, 2 ATP, and 2 Pyruvate
  3. c Formed when water is split and light excites the electrons into travelling through the electron transport chain.
  4. d The anaerobic alternative to cellular respiration.
  5. e The Krebs Cycle is also known as the __________.

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  1. Produces water as a by-product.
  2. The site of the light-dependent part of photosyntesis and contains a lumen and a membrane.
  3. Binds with the Acetyl CoA to begin the Krebs Cycle.
  4. Regenerates the NAD+ necessary to run glycolysis.
  5. A molecule that is formed from ADP in the ATP Synthase where H+ ions move down their gradient.

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  1. PhotosystemThe final acceptor of electrons in the ETC that forms water.


  2. AerobicThe Calvin Cycle is a/ an _____________ process.


  3. CristaeThe fluid that surround the thylakoids in the chloroplast and is the site of the Calvin Cycle of photosynthesis.


  4. Calvin CycleATP + NADPH + Carbon Dioxide --> G3P (Eventually Glucose) +Oxygen


  5. GlycolysisThe process that breaks down glucose molecules.