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  1. chaparral
  2. habitat
  3. salt marshes
  4. benthic zone
  5. swamp
  1. a slow flowing with lots of vegetation
  2. b transitional intertidal between land and salty/brackish water
  3. c dry summers, mild winters, frequent fires, dominated by short pines, evergreen shrubs, scrub oak
  4. d surface of planet; not water
  5. e natural environment in which an organism lives

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  1. cool, high precipitation, dominated by evergreens, heavily logged
  2. abiotic factor that provides most surface terrestrial and shallow water ecosystems with energy; in nearly all environments, the availability of light is a critical factor
  3. all species living and interacting in a specific area (does not include abiotic factors)
  4. water between upper layer and deep water, changes drastically with depth
  5. collection of all ecosystems on earth (does not apply to other planets b/c we haven't found life)

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  1. prarielarge body of fresh water


  2. zooplanktonphotosynthetic and use sunlight for energy


  3. populationgroup of organisms of same species


  4. temperate deciduous forestcool, high precipitation, dominated by evergreens, heavily logged


  5. windbody of water shallow enough to support rooted plants