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  1. temperature
  2. tundra
  3. countershading
  4. temperate deciduous forest
  5. coral reefs
  1. a camouflage where the top is darker to match darker waters and bottom is lighter to match lighter waters
  2. b aragonite structures that provide a habitat for diverse marine life
  3. c cold, no trees, short growing season, little precipitation, permafrost, low species diversity
  4. d affects rates of metabolism and functioning of enzymes
  5. e hot summers, cold winters, moderate precipitation, dominated by oaks, hickory, mapel, commonly converted to agriculture

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  1. no trees, hot summers, cold winters, low to moderate precipitation, dominated by tall grass or short grass, heavily converted to agriculture
  2. soil below freezing point of water
  3. largest biome in world, short growing season, low precipitation, dominated by conifers, aspen, birch
  4. dry summers, mild winters, frequent fires, dominated by short pines, evergreen shrubs, scrub oak
  5. natural environment in which an organism lives

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  1. desertwide daily variations in temperature, very dry, sparse plant coverage


  2. windbody of water shallow enough to support rooted plants


  3. salt marshestransitional intertidal between land and salty/brackish water


  4. marshlarge body of fresh water


  5. solar energyabiotic factor that provides most surface terrestrial and shallow water ecosystems with energy; in nearly all environments, the availability of light is a critical factor