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  1. intertidal zone
  2. salt marshes
  3. abiotic components
  4. watershed
  5. aphotic zone
  1. a nonliving things; physical and chemical factors that influence life (like solar energy)
  2. b no light
  3. c network of streams and rivers
  4. d tidepools
  5. e transitional intertidal between land and salty/brackish water

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  1. light streams through
  2. a layer of ice on top of lakes that blocks sunlight thus killing plants and animals
  3. dry summers, mild winters, frequent fires, dominated by short pines, evergreen shrubs, scrub oak
  4. plankton that eat other organisms
  5. ocean after continental shelf

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  1. planktonorganisms that cannot swim against current and therefore drift


  2. swampslow flowing with lots of vegetation


  3. rivernatural watercourse


  4. temperatureno trees, hot summers, cold winters, low to moderate precipitation, dominated by tall grass or short grass, heavily converted to agriculture


  5. continental shelvesaragonite structures that provide a habitat for diverse marine life