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  1. ecosystem
  2. marsh
  3. mangrove forest
  4. prarie
  5. pond
  1. a trees and shrubs growing in saline/brackish coastal habitats in tropics
  2. b describes all living and nonliving things in an area
  3. c body of water shallow enough to support rooted plants
  4. d no trees, hot summers, cold winters, low to moderate precipitation, dominated by tall grass or short grass, heavily converted to agriculture
  5. e seasonally flooded; banks of rivers

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  1. decreasing slope of land into open ocean
  2. organisms that cannot swim against current and therefore drift
  3. natural environment in which an organism lives
  4. where river meets sea
  5. cool, high precipitation, dominated by evergreens, heavily logged

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  1. bogno flow; dominated by peat/moss


  2. tropical rain forestvery high precipitation, nutrient poor soil, extremely high primary productivity and species richness,


  3. zooxanthellaecollection of all ecosystems on earth (does not apply to other planets b/c we haven't found life)


  4. desertwide daily variations in temperature, very dry, sparse plant coverage


  5. winter killa layer of ice on top of lakes that blocks sunlight thus killing plants and animals