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  1. nekton
  2. winter kill
  3. estuary
  4. ecosystem
  5. marsh
  1. a organisms that can swim against current
  2. b a layer of ice on top of lakes that blocks sunlight thus killing plants and animals
  3. c where river meets sea
  4. d seasonally flooded; banks of rivers
  5. e describes all living and nonliving things in an area

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  1. transitional intertidal between land and salty/brackish water
  2. tidepools
  3. fissure that emits heated water
  4. network of streams and rivers
  5. trees and shrubs growing in saline/brackish coastal habitats in tropics

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  1. boreal forest (tiaga)aragonite structures that provide a habitat for diverse marine life


  2. near sourcesclose to collection in a basin; water is usually warmer, murkier, high in nutrients, with slower currents


  3. oceanic zoneocean after continental shelf


  4. temperate rain forestvery high precipitation, nutrient poor soil, extremely high primary productivity and species richness,


  5. habitatnatural environment in which an organism lives


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