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Chap 9. 1) Status is determined by four factors. Of the four factors which is the least addressed in society?
a. Race
b. Class
c. Age
d. Gender
Chap 9. 3) Ageism is the alteration in feeling, belief, and behavior due to a response to individuals or groups age. Which group is not affected by Ageism?
a. Elderly
b. Young
c. A and B
d. None of the above
Chap 9. 4) What is the most effective Federal Anti-poverty program?
a. Social Security
b. Welfare
c. Low income subsidy
d. Federal Health Centers
Chap 9. 5) Americans are encouraged to admire winners, Americans do not identify with losers, and perceive poor people as losers. What kind of attitude or action does this display?
A. Bigotry
B. Pride
C. Classicism
D. Prejudice
Chap 9. 6) Were children removed from poor houses?
Children were too young to live in such terrible conditions
Children would run away at any given chance due to abuse
Children would learn bad habits from poor parents, and good habits if placed in an orphanage
Children were sold to landowners to become laborers
Chap 9. 7) In its aid to Anti-poverty the Federal Government has developed such programs as?
A. Social Security
B. Welfare
C. Unemployment
D. All of the above
Chap 9. 8) The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act has failed to improve students' score in what subjects?
a. Math
b. Reading and Math
c. Science
d. Math and Science
Chap 9. 9) The Traditional Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) assist mainly:
a. Widows, orphans, and people with disabilities
b. Men
c. Single-parent families
d. Low-income families
Chap 9. 10) The inadequacies of American social assistance programs illustrate?
a. Cultural classicism
b. Classicism
c. Individual classicism
d. Institutional classism
Chap 9. 11) Established laws, customs, and practices in a society that allow systematic discrimination against low-income individuals or groups to the benefit of middle- or upper-class individuals or groups. Is a definition of what?
a. Middle class
b. Cultural classicism
c. Institutional classicism
d. Classicism
Chap 9. 12) Which group is most likely to live in poverty?
a. Minorities
b. Women
c. Older adults
d. Single women headed households with children
Ch 10- 1. What is sexism
An attitude, action, or institutional structure that subordinates or limits a person on the basis of sex.
Ch.10- 2. What is a feminist?
a woman or man committed to the struggle for the social, economic, and personal rights of women and men; an advocate for equality between women and men.
Ch10- 3. What is a male chauvinist ?
A man or woman who believes that men ought to be the leaders and decision makers and women should be subordinate to them.
Ch.10- 4. What is sexual assault?
Ch 10. 5. According to MacKinnn what are the top four reasons for not reporting a rape?
Threats, Reactions, Disbelief & Publicity p 249
Ch 10. 6. What is institutional sexism?
Established laws, customs, and practices in a society that allow systematic discrimination against people or group based on gender
CH 10- 7.What is considered sexual harassment?
unwelcome deliberate and repeated behavior of a sexual nature that is neither requested not returned. p. 254
CH 11 - What is the heterosexual assumption?
It is the mentality that all people are born heterosexual.
CH 11 - What is heterosexism?
represents negative attitudes/behaviors based on the belief that sexual orientations other than heterosexual are unnatural
CH 11 - In what year did the American Psychological Association (APA) declare that homosexuality was not a mental illness?
CH 11 - What is cultural heterosexism?
Refers to a dominant culture defining heterosexuality as the norm and anything else as deviant
CH 11 - What is gay bashing?
is the physical assault of a person perceived to be gay.
CH 11 - Who is most likely to be a perpetrator of anti-gay violence?
Young white males
CH 11 - What is homosexuality ?
Someone who is sexually attracted to members of the same sex
CH 11 - What is homophobia?
A stronger feeling than prejudice and is a fear or hatred of homosexuals
CH 11 - What is institutional heterosexism?
are established laws, customs, and practices that systematically discriminate against non heterosexuals- that activists have increased efforts to combat discrimination
Ch14#1 What was the original purpose of affirmative action?
First used by JFK to issue executive order 10025 mandating that the federal government hire more African Americans
Ch14#2 What is the first step a court orders to determine if an affirmative action plan is needed for a business?
Analyzing the diversity of employees at a business or agency, or the student population at a university
Ch14#3 Identify practices of affirmative action in a business
The practice of hiring more diverse workers and purchasing from diversely owned companies
Ch14#4 What minority group has the largest amount of purchasing power in the U.S?
Ch14#5 Why is recognition of diversity in the workplace important?
Having diverse managers and employees increases the likelihood of appropriate responses to customer needs.
Ch14#6 Identify strategies a business that wants a diverse workplace would use.
Provide scholarships and workplace mentors, disseminating info on available jobs to local churches/Spanish radio/Spanish television, sponsoring seminars on diversity for managers, establish full time position as diversity coordinators, sponsoring community events such as Cinco de Mayo or a Gay Pride March.