29 terms

MEC 1 - LESSON 113

Words and expressions taken from lesson 113, book one
be back on one's feet
be walking again after being in bed due to an illness or accident
be doing + velocity
be driving at a certain velocity
be doing great
be in healthy condition
be doing something important
be involved in an important task
be done with something
have finished something
surgical dressing made of plaster of Paris, to immobilize a part of the body with a broken bone
study as much as possible in a short time just before a test or exam
the hole on the top part of volcanoes
that causes harm or injury
do a paper
write an essay about a subject, usually for school
do damage
to cause damage to someone or something
do for a living
the kind of work a person does
do someone a favor
do something for someone because you want to
do well on a test
get a good grade
do without
survive without
the shaking of the ground
get lost
go away
violent wind and rain storm like "Katrina"
in no time
in a short time
kid's stuff
very easy
let someone off with just a warning
give someone a lighter punishment than s/he deserves
place for keeping pigs; untidy place
slow down
do something slower
give (informal)
speed zone
a zone with a certain speed limit
straighten up
clean up
take care of something
deal with something
bad habit or practice
mountain with a hole from which hot melted rock goes out