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  1. the probing effect
  2. danger control
  3. the extended parallel process
  4. coercive power
  5. ethos
  1. a probing a suspect makes it harder to detect deception, acting suspicious alerts liars and makes them even more vigilant.
    observers or 3rd parties are more likely to believe the liar.
  2. b the receiver focuses on ways of reducing the danger
  3. c fear control, it focuses on the problem
    severity of threat, perceived vulnerability

    danger control focuses on the solution
    self efficacy and response efficacy
  4. d based on the ability to inflict punishments or impose penalties
  5. e based on source credibility

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  1. invocations of rights, obligations
  2. self benefit vs other benefit
  3. lying triggers negative emotions such as guilt, fear
  4. arousal, attempted control, emotion, thinking
  5. the receiver focuses on fear itself and becomes anious, panicky. effective fear appeals trigger danger control rather than fear control

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  1. interpersonal deception theoryself benefit vs other benefit


  2. marwell and shmidts taxonomylikelihood of anticipated resistance


  3. cue leakagecontrolling facial cues leads to cue leakage elsewhere.
    cues to deception are leaked via the extremities, hands , legs, and feet


  4. copier studyan image stands for the thing is represents, uncle sam is an icon for america


  5. iconicityan image stands for the thing is represents, uncle sam is an icon for america


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