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  1. personal benefits
  2. false dichotomy on logic and emotions
  3. coercive power
  4. nonstrategic leakage
  5. cue leakage
  1. a self benefit vs other benefit
  2. b based on the ability to inflict punishments or impose penalties
  3. c unintentional leakage. arousal and nervousness, negative affect, incompetent communication performance
  4. d controlling facial cues leads to cue leakage elsewhere.
    cues to deception are leaked via the extremities, hands , legs, and feet
  5. e when people agree with the conc they tend to think a persuasive message is "rational" and when they disagree they tend to think a persuasive message is "emotional".

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  1. liars try to control signs of arousal
    example: liars know the face has high sending capacity
    liars concentrate on controlling facial cue leakage.
  2. based on logic and reasoning
  3. based on emotion
  4. based on source credibility
  5. fear control, it focuses on the problem
    severity of threat, perceived vulnerability

    danger control focuses on the solution
    self efficacy and response efficacy

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  1. thinkinginvocations of rights, obligations


  2. indexicalityan image stands for the thing is represents, uncle sam is an icon for america


  3. the probing effectbased on admiration respect regard


  4. marwell and shmidts taxonomyfive types of compliance gaining strategies:
    rewarding activity
    punishing activity
    activation of impersonal commitments
    activation of personal commitments


  5. referent powerbased on admiration respect regard