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  1. nonstrategic leakage
  2. attempted control
  3. thinking
  4. arousal
  5. pathos
  1. a unintentional leakage. arousal and nervousness, negative affect, incompetent communication performance
  2. b lying requires more mental effort.
  3. c based on emotion
  4. d lying increases anxiousness, nervousness
  5. e liars try to control signs of arousal
    example: liars know the face has high sending capacity
    liars concentrate on controlling facial cue leakage.

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  1. self benefit vs other benefit
  2. reward, coercive, expert, legitimate, referent
  3. high stakes lies tend to be easier to detect than low stakes likes because high stakes lies produce more arousal than a low one. more arousal leads to more cue leakage.
  4. based on official rank, formal standing
  5. power and status

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  1. cue leakagelikelihood of anticipated resistance


  2. resistancepower and status


  3. othello errorbased on source credibility


  4. emotionbased on source credibility


  5. coercive powerbased on the ability to inflict punishments or impose penalties