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  1. personal benefits
  2. ethos
  3. othello error
  4. referent power
  5. expert power
  1. a knowing that someone suspects you of lying increases arousal.
    arousal cues may be mistaken for deception cues.
  2. b based on source credibility
  3. c self benefit vs other benefit
  4. d based on admiration respect regard
  5. e based on perceived knowledge, expertise

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  1. based on the ability to confer benefits
  2. likelihood of anticipated resistance
  3. smaller requests, the appearance of the reason giving is sufficient, for larger request, actual reason are more effective.
  4. based on official rank, formal standing
  5. the recommended action is pereived as both effective and feasible to avoid danger :
    response efficacy- it will work
    self efficacy-i can do this

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  1. iconicityan image stands for the thing is represents, uncle sam is an icon for america


  2. strategic behaviorsunintentional leakage. arousal and nervousness, negative affect, incompetent communication performance


  3. five types of powerbased on perceived knowledge, expertise


  4. thinkinglying requires more mental effort.


  5. attempted controlliars try to control signs of arousal
    example: liars know the face has high sending capacity
    liars concentrate on controlling facial cue leakage.


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