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  1. rights
  2. the probing effect
  3. logos
  4. danger control
  5. copier study
  1. a the receiver focuses on ways of reducing the danger
  2. b based on logic and reasoning
  3. c smaller requests, the appearance of the reason giving is sufficient, for larger request, actual reason are more effective.
  4. d invocations of rights, obligations
  5. e probing a suspect makes it harder to detect deception, acting suspicious alerts liars and makes them even more vigilant.
    observers or 3rd parties are more likely to believe the liar.

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  1. liars try to control signs of arousal
    example: liars know the face has high sending capacity
    liars concentrate on controlling facial cue leakage.
  2. arousal, attempted control, emotion, thinking
  3. five types of compliance gaining strategies:
    rewarding activity
    punishing activity
    activation of impersonal commitments
    activation of personal commitments
  4. the nature of the relationship
  5. reward, coercive, expert, legitimate, referent

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  1. the extended parallel processfear control, it focuses on the problem
    severity of threat, perceived vulnerability

    danger control focuses on the solution
    self efficacy and response efficacy


  2. ethosbased on emotion


  3. dominancelikelihood of anticipated resistance


  4. cue leakagepower and status


  5. reward powerbased on the ability to confer benefits