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  1. four factor model
  2. intimacy
  3. personal benefits
  4. emotion
  5. arousal
  1. a lying triggers negative emotions such as guilt, fear
  2. b lying increases anxiousness, nervousness
  3. c arousal, attempted control, emotion, thinking
  4. d the nature of the relationship
  5. e self benefit vs other benefit

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  1. the receiver focuses on fear itself and becomes anious, panicky. effective fear appeals trigger danger control rather than fear control
  2. power and status
  3. probing a suspect makes it harder to detect deception, acting suspicious alerts liars and makes them even more vigilant.
    observers or 3rd parties are more likely to believe the liar.
  4. lying requires more mental effort.
  5. five types of compliance gaining strategies:
    rewarding activity
    punishing activity
    activation of impersonal commitments
    activation of personal commitments

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  1. expert powerbased on the ability to confer benefits


  2. resistancepower and status


  3. copier studyan image stands for the thing is represents, uncle sam is an icon for america


  4. false dichotomy on logic and emotionswhen people agree with the conc they tend to think a persuasive message is "rational" and when they disagree they tend to think a persuasive message is "emotional".


  5. referent powerbased on admiration respect regard