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Access and powerpoint

You can click the___________ button on the Query datasheet toolbar to sort records in ascending alphabetical order by values in a selected field.


2.In Datasheet view, clicking a row selector selects an entire ______.


3.In Datasheet view, the star symbol that appears in the record selector area always identifies the__________________________ in the database.

next available row for a new record

5.A ________ is a question you ask about data stored in a database.


6.The first step in organizing data into a database is to define the ______.


4.When you first open a(n) ________, Access selects the first field value in the first record.


7.A database is a convenient way to _____, _____, and ______ related data.

enter, retrieve, maintain

8.The three basic steps to creating a database, in order, are: ________________________________________________________________________________________________

identify the individual fields, group fields in a table, enter field values for each record.

9.The content of any given field is the ____ ________.

field value

10. All fields for a specific individual or place can be grouped together as a(n) _____.


12.A field can be described as a(n) _________


13. A field, or a combination of fields, that has a unique value is a _______ ______

primary key

14. The ___ ____ determines what field values are allowed and what other properties the field will have.

data type

15. A ______ name must be unique within a database.


16. When you use the number data type to define a field, you should set the field's _____ _____ property based on the largest value you expect to store in that field.

field size

17. The maximum size of a Text data type is _____ characters.


18. The Decimal property setting for Number fields stores positive and negative numbers to precisely 28 decimal places and uses __ bytes.


19. It would be wasteful to use the Long Integer setting when defining a field that will only store whole numbers ranging from o to 255, because the Long Integer setting will use _ bytes of storage.


21. The final step in the creation of a table is to save the table _______ to disk


22. A primary key ________________________________.

uniquely identifies each record in a table.

23. Access assigns the AutoNumber as the default __ value for the primary key field when a new table is created.


24. You should carefully design your _________ to meet the needs of those who will use it.


25. A table can be logically connected to another table by defining a ________ _______.

common field

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