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  1. leaves
  2. Capillary action
  3. transpiration
  4. epidermis
  5. active transport proteins
  1. a The outer epidermal layer contains______________in their cell membranes to pump mineral into plant.
  2. b water moves by cohesion from roots, 1 way.
  3. c covered by cuticle; reduces evaporation
  4. d water escapes through stomata; as water exits, more is drawn up through stem from roots
  5. e site of photosyntheis

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  1. the outer covering of the plant, the skin. protects the plant.
  2. vascular of cork cambium.
  3. cells that have not yet become specialized for specific functions, such as transport., source of new growth, at edges of plant tips of roots.
  4. flowering plants that produce seeds in fruit.
  5. a single layer of dermal tissue with covers the outside of a plant.

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  1. large layer ground tissue; endodermis; Casparian Stripsspongy cortex; ____ encloses vascular tissue; cells are surrounded by ____________


  2. rootsprimary root found in some plants that grows longer and thicker than other roots. ex: carrots


  3. wax; lipidout (#3)


  4. oxygenout


  5. Casparian StripsPlant tissue consisting of cells joined into tubes that transport water and nutrients throughout the plant body. the bloodstream.