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  1. leaves
  2. Dermal Tissue
  3. Meristematic tissue
  4. ground tissue
  5. xylem
  1. a site of photosyntheis
  2. b the outer covering of the plant, the skin. protects the plant.
  3. c tissue that does everything that the vascular, dermal and meristematic dont do.
  4. d transports water.
  5. e cells that have not yet become specialized for specific functions, such as transport., source of new growth, at edges of plant tips of roots.

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  1. support; holds plant up to the sunlight; transports substance b/w roots and leaves.
  2. What are the types of tissues?
  3. A relatively unspecialized plant cell type that carries most of the metabolism, synthesizes and stores organic products, and develops into a more differentiated cell type
  4. out
  5. A specialized short, wide cell in angiosperms; arranged end to end, they form continuous tubes for water transport.

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  1. phloemtransports sugar and macromolecules that leave to other parts.


  2. wax; lipidThe dermal tissue has ______ covering that is made from ______to prevent water loss.


  3. water lossout (#3)


  4. Casparian StripsPlant tissue consisting of cells joined into tubes that transport water and nutrients throughout the plant body. the bloodstream.


  5. carbon dioxideThe dermal tissue has ______ covering that is made from ______to prevent water loss.