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  1. schlerenchyma
  2. ground tissue
  3. fibrous roots
  4. angiosperms
  5. dermal, meristamatic, vascular, ground
  1. a What are the types of tissues?
  2. b tissue that does everything that the vascular, dermal and meristematic dont do.
  3. c part of a root system in which roots branch to such an extent that no single root grows larger than the rest
  4. d tissue consists of cells with highly thickened walls that are dead at maturity. It is generally found in the vasucular bundles of stems and as schlerids, individual bunches of cells that give pears and apple cores their gritty texture
  5. e flowering plants that produce seeds in fruit.

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  1. cells that have not yet become specialized for specific functions, such as transport., source of new growth, at edges of plant tips of roots.
  2. water moves into the_______. This is called the _________.
  3. covered by tiny root hairs for more surface area and more absorption; greater area to bring in water and nutrients
  4. The dermal tissue has ______ covering that is made from ______to prevent water loss.
  5. type of plant growth that occurs at the tips of roots and shoots plants grow taller and deeper from tips, apical meristems=____

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  1. taprootsAbsorbs water and minerals from the ground. Anchors plant in ground.


  2. Dermal Tissuethe outer covering of the plant, the skin. protects the plant.


  3. water lossout (#3)


  4. carbon dioxidein


  5. epidermal cellscovered by cuticle; reduces evaporation