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inherited charateristic that increases an organisms chance of survival

amniotic egg

egg composed of shell and membranes that create a protected enviorment in wich the embryo can develop out of the water


humanlike primate

binocular vision

ability to merge visual images from both eyes, wich provides depth perception and a three-dimensional veiw of the world


term used to refer to two-footed locomotion


the act of concealing the identity of something by modifying its appearance


in crustaceans, the part of the exoskeleton that covers the cephalothorax

cerebral cortex

outer layer of the cerebrum of a mammal's brain


in earthworms, part of the digestive system in wich food can be stored


difference, variety; a condition of having many different types of forms


animal that relies on interactions with the enviorment to help it control body temperature


animal that generates its own body heat and controls its body temperature


in earthworms, part of the digestive system in wich food is ground into smaller peices


cessation from or slowing of activity during the winter


primate that walks upright, has opposable thumbs and possesses a large brain


member of a group of primates that includes apes and humans


self-propelled movement


vertebrates that live on land, fur or hair covers body, live birth, warm blooded

mammary gland

gland in mammals that produces milk to nourish the young


mammal wich bears live young that complete their development in an external pouch


periodic movement and return of animals from one place to another


the resemblance of an animal species to another species or to natural objects


egg-laying mammal

opposable thumb

thumb that enabels grasping objects and using tools


organ in placmental mammals through wich nutrients, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and waste are exchanged between embryo and mother


ventral part of a turtle's or tortoise's shell


with few execeptions, small, nocturnal primate that has large eyes for seeing in the dark


any vertabrate that has dry scaly skin, lungs, and terrestrial eggs with several protective membranes

subcutaneous fat

layer of fat cells beneath the skin

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