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  1. hexose
  2. honey
  3. ketose
  4. Biochemistry
  5. examples of polysaccharides
  1. a six carbon suagr moecule
  2. b glycogen, cellulose
  3. c corbohydrate witha ketone group
  4. d study of chemistry of living systems. That is the study of the structure, organization, and interaction of the substances within living matter
  5. e 80% fructose and glucose, 20% water and other substances

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  1. polyhydric alcohols containing an aldehyde ora ketone group.
  2. milk sugar
  3. carbohydrates containing al aldehyde functional group
  4. lactose or milk sugar
  5. composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. sugars, starches, cellulose and glycogen

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  1. common names of glucoselactose or milk sugar


  2. disaccharidescarbohydrates containing two saccharide groups


  3. sucrosemilk sugar


  4. galactosemilk sugar


  5. common names of fructosedextrose, grape sugar and blood sugar