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  1. aldose
  2. Biochemistry
  3. hydrolysis
  4. monosaccharides
  5. polysaccharides
  1. a simplest of the carbohydrates, 3-7 carbons in their structure. can be broke down by hydrolysis into smaller molecules
  2. b study of chemistry of living systems. That is the study of the structure, organization, and interaction of the substances within living matter
  3. c splitting apart by the addition of water
  4. d more complex sugars, having many saccharide groups
  5. e carbohydrates containing al aldehyde functional group

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  1. malt sugar
  2. enzymatic decompostiion of glucose to produce ethyl alcohol
  3. six carbon suagr moecule
  4. 80% fructose and glucose, 20% water and other substances
  5. dextrose, grape sugar and blood sugar

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  1. common names of galactosedextrose, grape sugar and blood sugar


  2. fructosemilk sugar


  3. carbohydratespolyhydric alcohols containing an aldehyde ora ketone group.


  4. pentosefive carbon sugar molecule


  5. sucrosetable sugar