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  1. Helen Hunt Jackson
  2. Sitting Bull
  3. John Adams
  4. Monroe Doctrine
  5. Sherman Antitrust Act
  1. a President Monroe's policy that stated the US would not be involved in European affairs
  2. b outlawed the combination of companies that restrained interstate trade or commerce (1890)
  3. c writer, become and activist to improve treatment of Native Americans by US government, "A Century of Dishonor"
  4. d leader of Sloux, key okayed in the Battle of Little Bighorn where US tried to buy gold-rich from Sloux, killed after Battle of Wounded Knee while attempting to be arrested
  5. e 2nd president, federalist, dealt with tensions with France, fought for Declaration of Independence during the 2nd Continental Congress

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  1. federalist, Chief Justice of Supreme Court, Marbury vs. Madison
  2. equal rights to all citizens
  3. maintains balance in the senate between slave and free states, outlawing future slave states to be created north of 36* 30' N
  4. "Angel of the Battlefield", founded American Red Cross
  5. 7th "Old Hickory" president, general, Trail of Tears, vetoed recharterazation of the national bank

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  1. Henry David Thoreautranscendentalist author that wrote "Civil Disobedience" in jail because he did not pay his taxes


  2. Sand Creek Massacreincident in the Indian Wars, Colonel JOhn Chivington slaughtered 150-500 men, women, and children


  3. Charles G. Finney18th president, head of army during second part of the war, acceptedLee's surrender


  4. Stonewall Jackson17th president, increases US commitment during Vietnam War, clashed with radical republicans on reconstruction programs


  5. Alexander Hamiltonfederalist, first Secretary of Treasury, Founding Father, killed in a duel with Aaron Burr