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  1. Battle of Gettysburg
  2. William Miller
  3. French and Indian War
  4. Charles G. Finney
  5. Dorothea Dix
  1. a revivalist during Great Awakening, burned over distract
  2. b battle in Pennsylvania, turning point in war, won by Union
  3. c prison reform, studied the mentally insane and criminals
  4. d war between France and Britain and its colonists
  5. e Baptist preacher, believed Jesus was coming again

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  1. reports of Sloux was reset less, soldiers opened fire on Sloux, Sitting Bull as killed during this battle
  2. outlawed the combination of companies that restrained interstate trade or commerce (1890)
  3. Women's Rights, wrote the Declaration of Sentiments on women's right
  4. treaty that ended the French and Indian war, France gives up all land in North America to British
  5. federalist, patriot leader, one of the founding fathers of US, founded Committees of Correspondence (ex: Stamp Act)

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  1. Joseph Smithfounder of the Mormon religion


  2. Missouri Compromisemaintains balance in the senate between slave and free states, outlawing future slave states to be created north of 36* 30' N


  3. Battle of Yorktownbattle in Maryland, bloodiest battle


  4. Benjamin Franklinplan to gain control of the Mississippi River and cut off supplies to the South


  5. Benedict Arnoldbetrayed US during American Revolution