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  1. Emancipation Proclamation
  2. Battle of Saratoga
  3. Louisiana Purchase
  4. Charles G. Finney
  5. French and Indian War
  1. a Lincoln decreed this, freed slaves in Confederate states could own land
  2. b war between France and Britain and its colonists
  3. c revivalist during Great Awakening, burned over distract
  4. d the battle defined as the turning point of the Revolutionary War
  5. e Us purchased land from France

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  1. Baptist preacher, believed Jesus was coming again
  2. uprise against tax in Massachusetts, showed that people are willing to defy authority for what they believe in, caused the creation of the army
  3. first major federal relief agency in US (1865)
  4. republican during 1896 election, killed Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson's VP in 1800
  5. journalist ad orator who helped reintegrate the Confederate states back into the Union after war

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  1. Samuel Slaterfather of American Industrial Revolution, duplicated British textile machinery from memory andy brought it to America


  2. Townshend Actsalso called Coercive Acts, closed the Boston harbor till the dumped tea from Boston Tea Party was repaid


  3. Missouri Compromisemaintains balance in the senate between slave and free states, outlawing future slave states to be created north of 36* 30' N


  4. Tecumsehled Pan-Indian movement to bring unity to several groups among the Native Americans and the colonists


  5. John Rolfefederalist, Chief Justice of Supreme Court, Marbury vs. Madison