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  1. James Madison
  2. Christopher Columbus
  3. John Marshall
  4. Compromise of 1877
  5. Zachary Taylor
  1. a 4th president, Father of the Constitution
  2. b agreement that Democrats agreed to give Rutherford Hayes the victory in the election of 1876 if he removed remaining federal troops from Southern States
  3. c explorer whose voyage was from Spain to "West Indies" (1492), killed Native Americans, corrupt governor in Hispaniola
  4. d 12th "Old Rough and Ready" President, whig, Mexican War
  5. e federalist, Chief Justice of Supreme Court, Marbury vs. Madison

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  1. laws passes by Congress that enabled the government to imprison or deport aliens
  2. oil business, gave millions to charity
  3. also called Coercive Acts, closed the Boston harbor till the dumped tea from Boston Tea Party was repaid
  4. outlawed the combination of companies that restrained interstate trade or commerce (1890)
  5. prison reform, studied the mentally insane and criminals

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  1. John Lockeon of the early English settlers, first to cultivate tobacco, married Pocahontas


  2. Nat Turnerblak preacher who led a slave rebellion in Virginia, he was hung


  3. William Henry HarrisonBaptist preacher, believed Jesus was coming again


  4. In His Stepswritten by Charles Monroe Sheldon, about a man who challenges his church to not do anything until they thought WWJD?


  5. Henry David Thoreautranscendentalist author that wrote "Civil Disobedience" in jail because he did not pay his taxes