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  1. Horace Mann
  2. Samuel Slater
  3. Jane Adams
  4. Interstate Commerce Act
  5. Stonewall Jackson
  1. a school reformer and supporter of public education in Massachusetts
  2. b co-founder of the Hull House, first settlement house
  3. c father of American Industrial Revolution, duplicated British textile machinery from memory andy brought it to America
  4. d regulate railroad and other inters tae businesses (1887)
  5. e Confederate general known for his swift strikes, "Stonewall" cause he held his forces steady under pressure

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  1. Puritan writer, "City Upon A Hill"
  2. on of the early English settlers, first to cultivate tobacco, married Pocahontas
  3. invented the cotton gin which increased slave labor, interchangeable parts
  4. abolitionist, raided the Harper's Fare for weapons, killed in Kansas
  5. treaty that ended the French and Indian war, France gives up all land in North America to British

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  1. ExodusterAfrican American group migrated to the West after Civil War


  2. George CusterAfrican American group migrated to the West after Civil War


  3. Northwest Ordinance of 1787ordered by the King of England that to the west of the Appalachian Mountains couldn't be settled


  4. Andrew Jackson17th president, increases US commitment during Vietnam War, clashed with radical republicans on reconstruction programs


  5. Sitting Bullrepublican during 1896 election, killed Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson's VP in 1800


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