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  1. Andrew Johnson
  2. Dred Scott
  3. Frederic Winslow Taylor
  4. Fourteenth Amendment
  5. circuit riders
  1. a equal rights to all citizens
  2. b tried to improve worked efficiency in a steel plant, wrote Principles of Scientific Management
  3. c traveling ministers (Methodist)
  4. d slave who filed a law suit to seek legal emancipation when he got away form his owner and his owner found him in a free state
  5. e 17th president, increases US commitment during Vietnam War, clashed with radical republicans on reconstruction programs

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  1. wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin
  2. introduced the Kansas-Nebraska Act, debated slavery issues against Lincoln
  3. French officer who assisted American forces during the war of Independence, helped win Yorktown, known for military tactics
  4. laws passes by Congress that enabled the government to imprison or deport aliens
  5. British soldiers killed 5 colonists

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  1. Samuel Slaterfather of American Industrial Revolution, duplicated British textile machinery from memory andy brought it to America


  2. Exodusterblak preacher who led a slave rebellion in Virginia, he was hung


  3. Benedict Arnoldwrote and essay on the western frontier


  4. George Custerfirst president of the US, general of continental army, President of Constitutional Congress


  5. Intolerable Actsimport taxes on tea, paper, paint, glass
    revenues were given to support British troops, governors, and judges