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  1. In His Steps
  2. Battle of Tippecanoe
  3. Battle of Yorktown
  4. James Buchanan
  5. circuit riders
  1. a resulted in one British surrender during Revolutionary War
  2. b emergence of Harrison, battle for Indian territory
  3. c written by Charles Monroe Sheldon, about a man who challenges his church to not do anything until they thought WWJD?
  4. d 15th democratic president, supported Compromise of 1850 & Kansas-Nebraska Act, supported by south
  5. e traveling ministers (Methodist)

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  1. founded the KKK
  2. Moses of her people, 'Conductor' of the Underground Railroad
  3. Confederate general known for his swift strikes, "Stonewall" cause he held his forces steady under pressure
  4. treaty that ended the French and Indian war, France gives up land in North America to British (Canada)
  5. ordered by the King of England that to the west of the Appalachian Mountains couldn't be settled

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  1. Emancipation Proclamationcolonial inventor, wrote Poor Richard's Almanac, contributed to Declaration of Independence and Constitution


  2. Alexander Hamiltonfederalist, first Secretary of Treasury, Founding Father, killed in a duel with Aaron Burr


  3. William PennBritish Prime Minister who raised taxes for the war against the French


  4. Sherman Antitrust Actoutlawed the combination of companies that restrained interstate trade or commerce (1890)


  5. Thomas Jefferson"Angel of the Battlefield", founded American Red Cross