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Russian Revolution Exam 3

Literally a "blow"; planned take-over of a government by force
Ruler of Russia (from Ceasar)
Czech Legion
Trapped in Russia by revolution
A coup attempt in 1825
Dialectic Materialism
Economic law "the inevitable and inevitably triumphal struggle of the proletariat -- the industrial working class"
"Dress Rehearsel"
Revolution of 1905
Revolution of 1905
Spontaneous; army & police (and the Cossacks) successes: soviets, leadership, and the navy
The (mostly ineffective) Rissian parliament
Friedrich Engles
the "Communist Manifesto" 1848
The nobility owns all the land and the peasants living on that land
Father Gapon
Letter to Czar about peaceful demonstration in front of the Winter Palace at 2 pm
Golden Horde
Mongol Armies
G.W.F. Hegel
Karl Marx was influenced by his view of history; inevitable progress through struggle (dialectic)
Hereditary blood disease killing Alexis
Alexander Herzen
Revolutionary: peasants were key; The Bell: to the people; social revolutionaries
International Women's Day and Bread Riots
March 8th; 90,000 demonstrators; rationing and shortages
Ivan I "Ivan the Great"
"Lord of all Russia" 1500
Ivan II "Ivan the Terrible"
Awesome; 1575 "Czar" final defeat of the Mongol Empire
Japanese-Russo War
1904-5; Manchuria & Korea; surprise at Port Arthur; the Baltic fleet
Joseph Djugusgvili (Stalin)
Seceded Lenin; Cruel "Marxist Czar" Revolutionary; bank robber; took over from Lenin; killed Trotsky and others
Alexander Kerensky
2nd Prime Minister of the Russian Provisional Government; died in exile; Cadets
Georgiev Kornilov
White Army General; courage of a lion - brains of a lamb; threat to the Red revolution
Real name is Vladimir Ulyanov; sent to Siberia; philosopher, agitator
"Can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs"
Lenin blamed the government
His brother Alexander was killed in 1887
Russian naval ship outside St. Petersburg; joined in the revolution
Bolshevik's renamed St. Petersburg
An early name for Moscow and vicinity
Peasants; Boyars: remnant of Europes's feudalism
(NEP) New Economic Policy
Lenin compromises Communist policies because the economy collapsed
Karl Marx
Port Arthur
In north Korea; site of Japan's shocking & total defeat of a Russian naval force
Industrial working class
"our friend"
Czar & Czarina's name for Rasputin
Socialist philosopher and journalist
Karl Marx
Horse people; private army of the Czar
Mensheviks (Russian "minority")
the majority party within the social Democrates; build a broad base using the "democratic" process to come into poweer
Industrial worker labor unions
Mongols (Tartars) Invasion and Domination
1237 & 1575
Nicolas I
Harsh; repressive: The Decembrist "boyar" uprising; Crimean war fiasco
Official church of Russia & Czar
Orthodox Church
Peace, Bread, Land
Lenin's slogan, his promise to the working class & peasants
Orthodox Church
"3rd Rome": Rome, Istannbul & Moscow; "establishment"
Pax Mongolia
Ruled for 150 yrs (270 yrs?) even 360 yrs in influence
Nicolas II "Nicky"
"autocrat" Largest Empire in the 20th Century; Sad Shyness, Wife Czarina Alexandra, had 4 daughters
Naval ship in Black Sea participated in the uprising of 1905
Dynasty/Czars ruled Russia 1613-1917
Bolshevik newspaper: means "TRUTH"!!
Leon Trotsky
Right hand man to Lenin; killed by Stalin; organizer, writer, speaker
Leader of the Red Guard
Leon Trotsky
Peter the Great
1700; "charisma"; military; naval; westernization
St. Petersburg
Peter the Great bulit the city as a "Window on Europe"
Provisional Gov't dilemma
War or Bread? Struggling middle class
Red Terror
Terrorist tactics of Bolshevik Red Guard
Birthplace of Lenin; the Ulyanovs
Gregory Rasputin
Assassinated in December 1916
Red Guard
Bolshevik army developed by Trotsky
Mikhail Romanov
1613; founded Romanov dynasty
Savior of the Blood
A church built at the spot where Alexander II was assassinated
A Third Rome
Moscow after Rome and Constantinople
Terrible WWI Russian defeat
Bertrand Russell
"Karl Marx had a comsic optimism that only theism could justify"
Social Revolutionaries
Peasant political party (Herzen); easly won Constitutional Convention elections; but Party & C.C. shut down by Bolsheviks
The Bell "To the People"
Alexander Herzen; Social Revolutionaries
Two Principles of Russian History
1. Combination of Eastern & Western Influences
2. Late entry onto Western Scene ("A 100 yrs behind"?)
White Army
Loyal to Czar; fought against the Bolsheviks "Red Army"
Union of Soviet Socialistic Republics; vast and flat
The Ural Mountains
divide European/Asian Russia
Major means of travel north & south (Don, Volga, Dneiper, Ob) in Russia
A Sealed Train
Method Lenin returned to Russia from Switzerland through Germany.
Act I
February 1917
Act II
October 1917
Czarina Alexandra
German princess; married to "Nicky"; had 4 daughters + Alexis
Animal Farm
A fable about the Bolshevik revolution written by George Orwell
The Bell ("Kolokol" = bell)
Alexander Herzen's revolutionaly newspaper calling serfs to revolution
Bloody Sunday
January 22, 1905; Father Gapon; ca 200,000
Serf; Peasants
Brest Litovsk
Polish city; WWI "carthaginian" peace treaty between Germany and Russia
Upper middle class political party; constitutional democrates; kerensky
The Communist Manifesto
Written in 1848 by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles
Catherine the Great
1776; wife of Peter III (bubbling, dissipated fool) Poland; Ukraine; western influences
KGB (Russian secret police in every regime)
Alexander I
War of 1812; Paris; a European power; secret societies: end autocracy, serfdom;
Constitutional Deemocrates
Cadets: an upper class & Bourgeoisie political party
Bolsheviks (Russian "majority")
A minority party with the Social Democrates; limit the party to fully dedicated memeber; discipline; destroy; and rule
Died in 1925 - problem of an heir
Alexannder I
Alexander II
a Reformer; 1861: "abolished" serfdom; Peoples Liberty; assassinated
Upper class; capitalists
son of Czar & Czarina; hemophiliac
"All Animals are equal"
Animal Farm: basic rule
"but some are more equal than others" was added later
Alexander III
Harsh, tough, determinded & brutal; secret police; 1894: ealry swift and unexpected death
"the power and right of the autocracy"
Alexander III
Constituent Assembly election results
Communist International
People's Liberty
1881; assassination of Alexander II; use of assassination and terror