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Science- Geology Earth History Investigation 1 & 2


Information gathered directly by using one or more of the 5 senses: seeing, touching, hearing, tasting and smelling


A logical conclusion based on observations and past experience.


Scientists who studies the Earth.


Earth's outer layer.


Large land masses.


The Earth's thickest layer; under the crust.


The Earth's brittle crust and the upper part of the mantle make up this layer.


The layer right below the Lithosphere made of a solid, but putty-like material.


The Earth's center. Made of the metals iron and nickel.

Outer Core

Hot liquid metal; flows slowly.

Inner Core

Hot, solid material.


Transfer of heat energy through solid matter as one particle strikes another. Heat moves through the core & crust by conduction.


the transfer of heat energy by flowing material such as liquid or gas. Heat moves through the Earth's mantle by convection and convection currents.

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